Earworm: Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century!

Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd CenturyOver at another digital hangout, William I. Lengeman III reminded us of a dangerously catchy theme song from a singular Sherlock Holmes update.  We thought we’d better get it in now, in case the Death Brackets Final Four goes badly for versions of the great detective.

In this one, Sherlock has been cryogenically frozen preserved in honey (per a commenter—how kinky!) and is now reanimated in a world where Watson is a big AI robot and Lestrade is a tough female crimefighter.

Watch and listen at your peril!


  1. Cress

    Actually he wasn’t cryogenically frozen in this one. Holmes was preserved in honey in his coffin. I always found that weird. Then some scientist revived him using some DNA mumbo-jumbo thing. Also, Moriarty was a clone!

  2. Christopher Morgan

    Who would clone Moriarty? How would you clone Moriarty? Maybe a mesquito frozen in amber?

    Perhaps the honey was a stab at Holmes the bee-keeper? I don’t know, I remember watching this before school every morning and not quite understanding what was happening, but it came on before Power Rangers, I think, so there was that.

  3. Cress

    If I remember right, the original Moriarty got frozen in ice at Reichenbach Falls, and in the 22nd century a crooked scientist named Fenwick drilled into the ice and collected a DNA sample from which he could clone Moriarty. The clone soon rebelled from being a slave, and became the boss of Fenwick.

    However there’s an unexplained scene in the episode. Lestrade said “But Moriarty’s body was at the falls. I saw it myself!” as if she had been to Reichenbach Falls, but I don’t remember seeing this. I wonder if some scene got cut out in one of the episodes.

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