Buyers with Poor Digestion Beware: Check that Receipt

Iced Blood Receipt
Sweetened or non?
So, once the glitter and tickertape settles from the holidays, it’s time to wake up to the ugliness on the credit card receipts, but some of these charges from Buzz Feed are obscene, like really obscene, including: grand totals from an evening with the Boston Bruins, Iron Maiden, or LeBron James, plus possibly bogus line items for insect eggs and iced blood.


Sure, it’s the cheapest line item on the tab, but truly liberty is dead when farting is no longer free.


  1. Cid

    Okay, so if you see a farting charge on your bill, are you suppose to include it in the amount you tip?

  2. Clare 2e

    I might mistakenly omit the tip on that part. After all, to[s] air[/s] err is only human.

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