Burglar Gets Jammed in Chimney

Christmas might be over, but that is not stopping a burglar from using a chimney to enter homes. The only difference: Santa wasn't trying to rob you. He is also much better at chimney diving.

According to KUTV, Keith Schultz, 28, attempted to burglarize a home in California but snagged himself in the chimney while trying to break in. The local police were responding to a home alarm when they also received a call about someone needing help getting out of a chimney at the same location.

When police investigated the home, they found Schultz trapped in the chimney. He was shortly liberated from Santa's version of hell and arrested. Police surmise that Schultz tried to break into the house via the chimney, but when he got stuck, his friend attempted to get him out, which triggered the alarm system.

Schultz was arrested on first-degree burglary charges.

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