Burglar Assaults Manager With Sex Toys

An adult store manager was assaulted with sex toys by a male intruder wearing a dress, wig and crotchless pants in Australia over the weekend.

The sassy burglar forced his way into the Brisbane adult sex shop through the tiles in the roof, setting off the alarm. The store’s manager quickly responded and found the robber inside. When she confronted the man he allegedly attacked her with an armful of sex-toys and tried to flee by climbing back through the ceiling he came in through.

“Upon being disturbed, the man threw a number of items he was attempting to steal and then proceeded to climb back through the roof,” police stated.

The fine Australian Police located the sex toy crazed man climbing down from the roof moments later. He was charged with breaking and entering, plus, you guessed it, drug possession.

“There’s definitely a funny side to it,” the manager told an Australian newspaper.

“Obviously what he was wearing was pretty amusing.”


  1. Maestro Green

    He should be put into jail. He’s a freak.


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