Bundy’s Blood is Doing the Rounds

Ted Bundy, serial killer
Even if Ted Bundy’s blood links him to ZERO cold cases, we’re not going to think better of him. Stubborn that way.
He’s back in circulation, with the hope that DNA matches may clear a frightening number of cold cases in which he was suspected.  Heck, this’ll catch ones where no one even thought of him. According to Diane Alter of AHN:

Before he was sent to the electric chair in in 1989, notorious serial killer Ted Bundy confessed to more than 30 murders. Experts always believed he was responsible for more killings. Now, investigators are hoping a vial of his blood will help them close several cold cases dating as far back as 1961.

Bundy’s blood, recovered from an evidence lab in Columbia County, FL, was to be entered into the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) on Friday. After loading Bundy’s blood type into the FBI data base, authorities will know right away if a match is made…

The only unfortunate news here is that if Bundy’s involvement can be proven in more unsolved cases, he can’t be executed again.

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