ZINNG: You on TV? Us on TV! Batman and a Friday Dance Party

Miscellaneous Bullet Pointed Items, Jammed Together like Mismatched Socks!

•   Are you in the UK? Are you a fanatic for TV's Sherlock, Midsomer Murder, Miss Marple, Poirot, Inspector Morse, and Inspector Lewis? Then would you like to appear on a trivia segment for a TV show, The Crime Thriller Club? (insert shrieking here): “…each week we will be leading up to the Crime Thriller Awards to be aired on ITV3 in October… The filming will be done in our studios in Clapham, South London – we will arrange and pay for taxis for people involved. We have two filming dates the first is the 8th September (second still to be confirmed) The idea is to bring our enthusiasts to the studio to showcase their knowledge on a particular programme in a quiz format which is currently scheduled to be at the end of the programme…”

You must e-mail the charming Hannah Wilson at Cactus TV if you're game— hannah [dot] wilson {at sign} cactustv then don't forget to end with co.uk

•    This cool TV news comes from our own Death Row blogger Ty Treadwell: “I've been invited by CNN to sit on the mock jury for the Jodi Arias sentencing phase next week on HLN After Dark, so please check it out Monday night!“ (Not sure what kind of voir dire goes into mock jury selection, but we appalud the court's wisdom.)

•   We're still swabbing off the gooey flecks of geeks who exploded upon hearing Ben Affleck will be the newest movie Batman. This news has thrilled and dismayed—we're dying to know which for you—but the some of the best ”[blank] would be better as Batman” casting choices we've heard include Tilda Swinton and a spatula. The big question: will this version of Batman whisper throughout the film, because that could get wicked annoying.

•   If all this big-and-small screen news leaves you hungry for culture, we humbly offer this moment of sexy, suave elegance. Now put a rose between your teeth and a smile in your heart, dammit—it's Friday!

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