Bring Out Your (Un)Dead: Long Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4

Well, folks, the days grow shorter and the leaves are turning brown, so we all know what that means: more zombie goodness from AMC's The Walking Dead. In anticipation of Sseason 4 starting on Sunday, AMC has released a long (about 5 minutes) trailer for the upcoming season, and it is packed with goodness.

Personally, I could probably take apart the trailer bit by bit, but here is the short form. Zombies are back in a big way, and it looks like Rick learned a bit from Morgan in “Clear.” He has fortified the prison, and they have even cleared out more cell blocks from the looks of it. But all is not well. It would seem there is a traitor in the prison, baiting the zombies to attack. My guess is that it won't be anyone in the prison proper, probably the Guv down in the catacombs, but we will see. It also looks like we get to see raging Tyrese, something I've been waiting for since they introduced the character, which means that his daughter sister (Sasha) might not be long for the world of the living. Who else is excited about Sunday?