After Breaking Bad, Saul is Set to Spin

The news broke last week that Vince Gilligan, creator and showrunner for Breaking Bad, is thinking about spinning off Bob Odenkirk’s character into his own dark comedy. We stole the banner above from BetterCallSaul, the official site for lawyer Saul Goodman, and among other areas worth exploring:

  • Get Cash Now!
  • Sue ’Em Now
  • Saul Can Help You! Get Out of a Legal Mess
  • I Can Prove That Baby’s Not Yours!
  • Tell Your Law Breaking Friends!!!!

It’s a sure thing that neo-noir Breaking Bad will end this season—and the whole series—in an explosive, wrenching, tragic fashion. Walter White’s amazing story deserves its detonation, and the fuse on the last eight episodes gets lit on AMC on April 22.

However, checking out Saul’s web referrals for delicious chicken, excellent fabricators, and haberdashery, we can imagine a time, after proper mourning, when we’re ready for a different, perhaps equally twisted take on Albuquerque and its denizens. So, yes. This. Please.

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