Breaded Crime: Wallace and Gromit’s Healthy Breakfast

Wallace and Gromit’s A Matter of Loaf and Death

A breadmaker in North Carolina recently received a sentence of 9 to 11 years in prison for intentionally misleading customers into purchasing his gluten-“unfree” products. Paul Evan Seelig admitted in court that he knowingly sold gluten-bearing products to people who are gluten intolerant or suffer from Celiac disease. The severity of his actions in legal terms, due to their widespread and physically injurious consequences, is considered “criminal battery.”


Here’s something less unappetizing (and full of universally-digestible carbohydrate-y goodness you need to be energized for your day). Wallace and Gromit’s latest adventure, now available on DVD, is a bread-themed mock murder mystery called A Matter of Loaf and Death. The duo opens up a bread shop only to discover a series of murders targeting bakers. Gromit must find the killer before Wallace becomes the 13th victim in a “baker’s dozen.” Legendary claymationist Nick Park brings mystery, suspense, and of course, loveable British humor in the latest installment of the series. It’s definitely a visual treat for the whole family.


  1. uhisthesound

    cheeese gromit, cheeeeeeeeese!!!

  2. Edgar

    9 years sentence is a excessive for this poor breadmaker.

  3. Cathy Zhu Chen

    @Edgar. I agree that 9 years seems extreme. It’d make sense if this was malicious, premeditated act of a psychopath. But why would he knowingly sabotage his own business? If he didn’t know the bread had gluten, I think the sentence is a bit harsh. On a lighter note, who knows. Maybe he will become the male version of [url=]Rose West[/url] in prison.

  4. Edgar

    we should bring junk food producers such as McDonal’s and KFC to the court because their foods have made their eaters fat and suffer from the heart diseases.

  5. Palm Organix

    Thank you for sharing this. In fact, despite the fact that many people just started eating gluten-free products and they became more available, there is still a certain percentage of people who cannot eat it calmly. If you think about it, then this act is tantamount to making the allergic person eat the allergen and he will feel bad. Despite the fact that my body easily tolerates foods containing gluten or lactose, I still empathize with people who, due to such characteristics of the body, cannot eat normally without looking at the composition of the dish or some specific product.

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