Book-Inspired Cocktails: “Whiskey in the Water”

Every good detective has an origin story. A first case. A place where it all began.

So as we return to Charles Lenox's roots, let's also return to the roots of the “water of life” with this week's Pick Your Poison—where we create a cocktail inspired by a recently published mystery, thriller, or crime novel—the “Whiskey in the Water” cocktail, inspired by Charles Finch's prequel Charles Lenox mystery, The Woman in the Water!

The Woman in the Water by Charles Finch is a prequel to the Charles Lenox series, which takes readers back to Lenox's very first case and the ruthless serial killer who would set him on the course to become one of London’s most brilliant detectives (available February 20, 2018).

London, 1850: A young Charles Lenox struggles to make a name for himself as a detective…without a single case. Scotland Yard refuses to take him seriously and his friends deride him for attempting a profession at all. But when an anonymous writer sends a letter to the paper claiming to have committed the perfect crime―and promising to kill again―Lenox is convinced that this is his chance to prove himself.

The writer’s first victim is a young woman whose body is found in a naval trunk, caught up in the rushes of a small islet in the middle of the Thames. With few clues to go on, Lenox endeavors to solve the crime before another innocent life is lost. When the killer’s sights are turned toward those whom Lenox holds most dear, the stakes are raised and Lenox is trapped in a desperate game of cat and mouse.

Read an excerpt from The Woman in the Water!


“Whiskey in the Water”


– 2-3 oz. whiskey (dealer's choice)
– splash of water
– lemon peel (garnish)

How to make the cocktail:

  1. Pour the whiskey (or brandy if you're Charles Lenox!) into a rocks glass over a large ice cube.
  2. Using a straw or water dropper, splash in a bit of water, to taste.
  3. Cut a peel from a lemon (careful to avoid the pith), squeeze the oils over the drink, and drop into the glass.

So have a few “Whiskey in the Water” cocktails and don't forget to order your copy of Charles Finch's The Woman in the Water today!


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Charles Finch is the author of the Charles Lenox mysteries, including The Inheritance and A Beautiful Blue Death, which was nominated for an Agatha Award and was named one of Library Journal’s Best Books of 2007. He is a graduate of Yale and Oxford, and lives in Chicago.

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