Blue Light Yokohama: Audio Excerpt

Blue Light Yokohama by Nicolás Obregón follows newly reinstated homicide detective Iwata as the violent murder of an entire family embroils him in a case that soon reveals itself to be only one crime in a string of ritualistic killings.

Newly reinstated to the Homicide Division and transferred to a precinct in Tokyo, Inspector Iwata is facing superiors who don’t want him there and is assigned a recalcitrant partner, Noriko Sakai, who’d rather work with anyone else. After the previous detective working the case killed himself, Iwata and Sakai are assigned to investigate the slaughter of an entire family, a brutal murder with no clear motive or killer. At the crime scene, they find puzzling ritualistic details. Black smudges. A strange incense smell. And a symbol—a large black sun. Iwata doesn’t know what the symbol means but he knows what the killer means by it: I am here. I am not finished.

As Iwata investigates, it becomes clear that these murders by the Black Sun Killer are not the first, nor the last attached to that symbol. As he tries to track down the history of black sun symbol, puzzle out the motive for the crime, and connect this to other murders, Iwata finds himself racing another clock—the superiors who are trying to have him removed for good.

One of the most anticipated debut novels of 2017 so far, Nicolas Obregón's Blue Light Yokohama takes listeners to the streets of Tokyo. Listen to an excerpt read by narrator PJ Ochlan, then hear an exclusive clip from a conversation between Ochlan and Obregón.

Audio excerpt:

Conversation between Obregón and narrator PJ Ochlan:


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Nicolás Obregón is a British-Spanish dual national and grew up between London and Madrid. He has worked as a steward at sports stadiums, an editor in legal publishing and a travel writer, falling in love with Japan while on assignment for a magazine. Blue Light Yokohama is his first novel.

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