Bloody Valentine: Robocop Trailer

Yesterday, we talked about the Robocops deployed in traffic intersections in the Congo. Today, we're talking about the Robocop reboot that will be hitting theaters tomorrow—just in time for Valentine's Day? Okay, it's probably counter-programming to all of those chick-flicks being sent out, but for some, nothing says romance like a severely injured cop-turned-robot. Plus, you can't go wrong with Gary Oldman and Samuel L. Jackson (with hair!) in an action movie…or can you?

Do you think you'll love Robocop or will it just be Robocrap? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Nicholas Winter

    The trailer makes clea that this is not going to be the same premise as the first zrobocop film was.

    BTW This is not the first re-envisioning of the premise in Robocop as there was both a series (fairly silly in my opinion) and a series of rather superb films that were *really* grim. Oh and an animated series if memory serves me right.

    Not to mention a Frank Miller penned comic book series…

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