Aug 4 2017 12:00pm

Naked Bank Robber Runs Down Street Throwing Money

It is not every day you see a naked man running down the street. Not to mention a naked man running down the street tossing cash like a madman. 

According to The Sun Sentinel, a 25-year-old man from Florida is in jail on robbery charges after he allegedly robbed a bank and then ran down the street completely naked, throwing the cash he just stole onto the street. Must have been quite the scene.

Here is how it all went down: The man, Alexander Hayden Sperber, entered a bank and told a teller he had a gun and that this was a robbery. The teller, of course, went along with it and put close to $5,000 in a sack and handed it over.

But what Sperber didn't know was that the teller stuffed a red dye pack in the bag with the loot. The dye pack exploded and totally covered the money and his clothing in bright red paint. The logical next choice: strip naked and run away while ridding yourself of the tainted cash. We're going streaking!

Here is the kicker: After he was placed under arrest, he told the FBI that he robbed the bank in hopes of kicking off his career as a comedian.

Funny guy, eh? I think I know where he can get his first gig...

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