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Q&A with Emily Littlejohn, Author of Inherit the Bones

Read this exclusive Q&A with Emily Littlejohn, author of Inherit the Bonesand then make sure you're signed in and comment below for a chance to win a copy of the book!

What do you want readers to think or feel after finishing this book?

I believe the book packs a big emotional punch, not just at the beginning or end, so I hope readers feel that too. If they laughed, cried, raged, or any combination of the three, I’ll be happy.  

What would be your murder weapon of choice?

I think an icicle would make the perfect murder weapon. It melts and then can never be traced back to the killer! But that would only work in the winter. In the summer, I’d go with botulism from a can of tomatoes or a lawn mower “accident.” 

What are you currently reading?

I’m reading The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone, but it’s starting to get too scary to read before bed. Be warned—if you have a fear of spiders this book is not for you! 

Describe Inherit the Bones in 5 words. 

Colorado: Pregnant cop tracks killer.

If you could team up Gemma Monroe with any other detective, who would you choose?

This is a tough question. I’d love to see her travel down to New Orleans and spend some time with Dave Robicheaux from the James Lee Burke mysteries. Dave’s been around the block a few times and has dealt with some really bad people … but he’s kept his humanity. Gemma could learn a lot from Dave. 

What's your favorite line from Inherit the Bones and why?

My favorite line is the first line of the book: “In my dreams, the dead can speak.” Why? Because it sets the tone for the entire story. Gemma Monroe is haunted by this terrible, unsolved crime; she seeks justice for the dead, the victims, and those who can no longer speak. Plus—in my biased opinion, of course—I think it’s just a really beautiful line. 

How do you think the staff of the Fellini Brothers' Circus of Amazements would feel about the current “creepy clown” phenomenon?

I think they would be as freaked out as I am. If I saw a clown coming down the street on any day but Halloween, I would probably pass out from the fear. Honestly. There are, of course, nice, sweet clowns that want to put a smile on your face … but let’s be real: those clowns exist in two places—birthday parties and circuses. Clowns anywhere else are just wrong. My thoughts on this are, of course, heavily influenced by Stephen King’s fantastic novel It, one of my all-time favorite books. 

Is Cedar Valley, Colorado inspired by any particular place? 

Cedar Valley is inspired by a number of places in Colorado: Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Vail, even Ouray. But it’s definitely unique in the number of murders it sees!

What's next for Gemma Monroe?

When we next see Gemma, she’s just returning to the police force after being out on maternity leave. She’s a little shaky and a little off-balance after three months of domestic life with Grace and Brody. Of course, her return coincides with a murder, which finds her, Finn, and Chief Chavez tracking a killer during a series of brutal winter storms. Book Two is not only a thriller, it’s a chiller. 

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Emily Littlejohn was born and raised in southern California and now lives in Colorado. If she’s not writing, reading, or working at the local public library, she’s enjoying the mountains with her husband and sweet old dog. She has a deep love of horror stories, butter pecan ice cream, and road trips. Inherit the Bones is her first novel.

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pat murphy
3. pwhitby
I love mysteries , this book is a must read !
susan beamon
5. susanbeamon
I like books set in Colorado. Not enough of them are. We have a great state, lots of outdoor, rich communities, big cities and lots of small towns.
Clydia DeFreese
6. clydia
Thanks for the opportunity to read this mysterious book.
vickie dailey
8. kidcurry
enjoyed the excerpt. I like the part about pairing with Dave Robicheaux from the James Lee Burkemysteries. This would make a great collaberation novel. Even if I don't win (which of course I want to) I have this on my TBR
Veronica Sandberg
10. redron
I love a good murder mystery. I would love to read the book.
Laurent Latulippe
11. krag48
Good interview. I heard ninjas used icicles as a murder weapon to leave no trace too. Makes them great assassins. Looking forward to reading this book.
ellie lewis
13. italia
This mystery sounds clever and compelling.
Sandra Furlotte
15. skfurlotte
I love discovering new authors and would love to win a copy of this book.
Susan Pertierra
16. orchidlady01
I haven't read many mysteries set in Colorado and would love to read this one.
18. LStirling
The book really catches my interest. I like her favourite line, "In my dreams, the dead can speak." Hopefully, they speak well enough to give Gemma Monroe ideas of how to catch the murderer! I'd love to read this book.
20. Daniel M
sounds like a good read
Carol Kubala
22. ckubala
The enticing opening line of Inherit the Bones has caught my attention. I think this book is right up my alley.
Chris Noe
23. ezmerelda
Sounds like a good read. If she can see her character working with Dave Robichaux, I am in.
Melissa Keith
25. melly801
I love to rage and hate clowns and spiders. However this book sounds excellent. I'd really enjoy it. What about a garbage disposal, Emily? *snicker*
Jennifer Essad
26. JenE
Icicles! brilliant ~ NOLA during the month of October would be super for an author
Cindy Hipolito
27. mysuccess
So glad to enter this giveaway from Criminal Element site. Thank you!
Deb Philippon
28. DebP
I've read some good things about this book, and would like to read it. Wish me luck!
Andrew Beck
29. queerbec
The book sounds good--and I'm already curious for her follow-up volume!
Janice Milliken
31. msjiva
Loved reading the interview with the author-icicle weapon-yikes!
Jean Dickinson
32. justjean
Emily Littlejohn has excellent tips on "how to get away with murder"!! Thanx for the chance to win "Inherit the Bones".
Peter W. Horton Jr.
33. mosaix
Yes! I want this book! Yes!
34. Shannon Baas
I would like this.
Barbara Lima
37. barblima
My family is from Colorado so I'm interested in anything from Colorado.
Sandy Klocinski
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Sounds like a great read! Colorado is a great setting. If I don't win, I am going to have to buy this one
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This sounds interesting, please enter me, thank you!
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This sounds like a great read. Please count me.
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Sounds interesting!
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I would love to read this book- sounds fantastic!
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Ooo, I could use a new read.
Jerry Marquardt
56. versatileer
I would like to thank you for this interview. There haven't been enough
of these to know personally what the authors veiwpoint is. I would like
to thank you for giving us a chance to win this today.
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