Apr 2 2015 7:45am

True Crime Thursday: Revisiting the Wicked Boston Mob

Not everyone is deserving of the nickname he or she receives, but for Boston mafioso Joseph Barboza, “The Animal” was quite apt. Linked to the murders of over 30 people, some for business and some for fun, Barboza was only one member of a fearsome mafia that terrorized people up and down the East Coast.

The mob would go on to find itself in the halls of Congress in Washington D.C., with governors and mayors joining arms with the organization. From the tragic legacy of the Kennedy family, to the Winter Hill-Charlestown feud, this true crime tale discusses the rise and fall of the New England Mafia.

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2. DebP
Ièd like to read it.
3. Dave F
Sounds like it could be good.
Thomas Walker
4. twalker
Sounds interesting, I would like to win this book...
Peter W. Horton Jr.
5. mosaix
I am not a mobster but I enjoy reading about the mob! Yes!
L Peters
6. leepcat
sounds very interesting - would be a great read. thanks
Sandy Klocinski
10. SKlocinski
I think this would be a good read. I've often been intrigued by the the Boston mob and the reality behind the many myths.
A definite MUST READ!!!!!
Andrew Beck
12. queerbec
Boston, Providence, Hartford, New Haven--the tentacles of the Boston mob reach almost everywhere throughout New England--from state capitols to FBI offices. Sounds like true crime and true history at its best!
kent w. smith
17. bodacious
Would be interesting to see the difference between fact and fiction.
Sharon Kaminski
18. casaflamingos
I would love to win the book, love suspense stories.
lynette thompson
scary looking guy, it looks like a good book
Shirley Boisvert
20. jan59
Sounds like a good read from my own neck of the woods!
Linda Knowles
22. strigoivii
I would love to read this! I don't know much about the history of the Boston Mob, except for reading a little bit about the Westies.
Lynn Marler
25. officerripley
Hope I win; thanks for the chance! (If I don't, fuggid about it, no problem ;-)
george ashmore
26. gtashmore
I once read about these people but alang time ago--eager to catch up.
Ria Andrews
27. reallyreal1
Would love to win this, it sounds interesting!
Cindy Hipolito
31. mysuccess
Fascinating story. Am in for the giveaway.
32. Kenneth Jackson
Make me an offer...
Aaron Shapiro
33. shappiesweep
Sounds pretty cool. Thanks for this giveaway!
35. LabRat517
I like true crime stories and I live in Mass. so this really interests me.
Janice Santillo
37. themommazie
Would love to find out more about the Mafia. Sounds like an interesting read.
Christina Oseland
38. Teawench
I am such a fan of reading about the mob. This would make a nice addition to my collection of books.
Shelley Scaramuzzo
39. mrsdraiman
Now that's a mug shot! Mob stories are so fascinating to read.
Michael Carter
40. rubydog
Yes, please enter me in this sweepstakes.
Andra Dalton
42. andra77
Count me in!!! Unwrapping the difference between the myths & legends of the mob sounds like a darkly intriguing read!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!!:)
Rosemary Krejsa
43. grandpa5
This story sounds more frightening than any fiction that I've ever read.
Clydia DeFreese
44. clydia
Sounds like an unusual book.....and certainly worth reading. Thanks.
Susan Pertierra
45. orchidlady01
Would be interesting to see the historical implications of this mob.
charles j hauser jr
47. admiral
Just one story of how the mob has influenced one city- The history of the mob could be written about any big city and the incestuous relationship the mob cultivates with those who hold the public's purse
48. LStirling
Enjoy nonfiction books such as this. Thanks for doing a giveaway.
49. Erica B.
Count me in!
Janice Milliken
51. msjiva
This one will keep us up past our bedtime!
peg nittskoff
I am so interested in this venue. Find the whole history amazing. Thanks for a chance at this book!
Tawney Mazek
53. tmaze
Organized corruption, it's reach and its ways, have a powerful allure - to read about, that is. One might think of it as pop culture but it is history and we can might learn enough from it to be alert.
Karen Terry
54. bblol65
I wonder if he was worst than The Ice Man.
60. Michelle k.
Haven't read about the Boston mob but have read a lot about the Chicago Mobsters
61. Maureen C
Being from Massachusetts, this book enthralled me!
62. Denny Snyder
Would LOVE to read this!!!~
Anna Mills
63. Anna Mills
Wonder how many Mob members are here asking for this book even as I type?? Whoa...
Kathleen Gereg
64. kgereg
Always facinating-always mysterious-the MOB!
Buddy Garrett
66. garrettsambo
I would love to read this book. It sounds interesting.
Betty Curran
69. willitara
It's truly frightening to realize just how criminals can influence those in power who are supposed to be on our side.
70. sallyc68
sounds like an interesting book
Melissa Shirley
72. ms0154
This sounds interesting. I love these kidns of books.
Timothy Anderson
73. lycoan
After reading the synopsis above, I'm hooked. If I don't win I'm probably going to have to download it.
Melissa Keith
77. melly801
OMG! I love books about the Mob! New York, Philly, Boston....
This reminds me of THE ICEMAN by Philip Carlo. Now that was one sick puppy! If you haven't read it and you can stomach torture and horrible deaths read it. I'd love to read about "The Animal"!!!! Thanks for showing me this because If I don't win I'll get it. FUGETABOUIT!
Sounds really interesting. I would love to read this book!
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