Jul 22 2014 8:30am

In Memoriam: James Garner (...Beep)

James Garner as Jim RockfordWith his square jaw and magnetic charm, he played soldiers, lovers, marshals, judges, a sheriff for a day, gambler Bret Maverick, Philip Marlowe, and even Wyatt Earp, switching effortlessly between television and movies well into his twilight. But I'll always recall James Garner first in his role as the iconic P.I., Jim Rockford, the wise-cracking, sportcoated beach bum with the broken-down trailer and the suspicious mind. Thanks for all the great times. Myself, I like to imagine he's in a solid gold Firebird somewhere, making J-Turns in the ether. Read Robert J. Lewis's Homage to a 70's Detective for much more.

And finally, to offer a celebratory tribute that you'll find nowhere else, here are the ice dancers from Donny and Marie Osmond's TV show, skating their hearts out—in life preservers no less—to one of the catchiest TV theme songs ever.

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David Cranmer
1. DavidCranmer
And he made so many top of the line films like The Americanization of Emily, The Great Escape, Grand Prix, Hour of the Gun, and dozens more.
Clare 2e
3. clare2e
He really did make a ton, and made it look easy.
Terrie Farley Moran
4. Terrie
If James Garner was in it--I watched it, usually more than once.
Cheryl Peterson
5. MmeRose
I had a crush on him starting with Maverick (ancient TV show) and he only got better with age.
6. marie martin
I watched Rockford Files Season 2 this week. He was great in Maverick
You never caught him acting. A great loss.
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