Jan 3 2014 8:45am

Luke, I am Your Refrigerator...

Han Solo FridgeRight before Han Solo was frozen in carbonite he issued one of the most famous lines in cinema as Princess Leia says she loves him: he knows. In fact, Star Wars is full of some of the most memorable quotes and also gave us one of the most timeless villains.

For any Star Wars fan, that carbonite Han Solo is iconic, and what's a better way than to have Han become your fridge? Or even have Darth Vader chill your beers and give you a vodka fountain!

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Clare 2e
1. clare2e
I do love Han...from his ice dispenser to his crisper drawer.
Terrie Farley Moran
3. Terrie
OMG that scene, I wanted to smack that smug grin off his face when he said "I know." Oh, wait, were we talking about refrigerators?
Laura K. Curtis
4. LauraKCurtis
@Terrie -

Now, see, I LOVED that scene. It was so perfectly him. You couldn't imagine him saying "I love you" back to her, especially since he figured he was going to die.
Terrie Farley Moran
6. Terrie
Laura, oh no, I loved the scene. Loved Han Solo. I just have an overwhelming urge to smack smug smiles, even if I find them charming.
Elyse Dinh-McCrillis
7. Pop Culture Nerd
Terrie, if you watch that scene again, you'll see Han did not have a smug smile when he said that line.
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