Nov 5 2013 11:00am

In Memoriam: Michael Palmer, Tom Clancy, and Robert Barnard

We despise these posts like we hate reaching The End on any great crime story, and recently, we've had to say goodbye to three wonderful authors, masters of their genres, who deserve (even demand) our commemoration. Click the links for more about their lives and works.


Michael Palmer / Photo: Joel Page-AP


Michael Palmer, doctor and writer of over twenty medical thrillers, who loved “writing books that thrilled, chilled, and made you turn the pages fast enough to get a blister...”





Tom Clancy / Photo: Reuters


Tom Clancy, “whose complex, adrenaline-fueled military novels spawned a new genre of thrillers and made him one of the world’s best-known and best-selling authors...”





Robert Barnard / Photo: Ali Karim-Shots Magazine


Robert Barnard, a Bronte and Christie aficionado who wrote more than forty crime novels and dozens of short stories and “was one of the leading exponents of the traditional English murder mystery...”



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1. Jean B
I did not hear about Michael Palmer or Robert Barnard. Barnard was one of my favorite authors for many years - he was one of those writers that I always got his next book when it came out because I knew it would be worth reading. He will be missed.
2. tj straw
Tom Clancy was part of my life for so many years. The day I read of his death was like a close friend going. And so soon. This with the death of Vince Flynn has struck me deep in my soul - they are friends who cannot be replaced. Thelma Straw in Manhattan
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