Sep 9 2013 8:45am

What A Shame: Judge Sentences “Idiots” to Modern-Day Stocks

Do you have a sign for all these idiots in Ohio?

An Ohio judge recently made the news when she sentenced a man to hold a sign that read “I apologize to Officer Simone & All Police Officers for Being an Idiot Calling and Threatening to Kill You. I'm Sorry and It Will Never Happen Again.” The sign was made by Judge Pinkey Carr who, besides issuing the unique sentence, also issued a similar sentence to a woman who drove up on a sidewalk to pass around a stopped school bus while she was texting and smoking. 

So does the punishment fit the crime? What would you think if you saw this?

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david hartzog
1. dlhartzog
The woman should be in the house of many doors. This isn't Night Court stuff.
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