Mar 31 2013 7:30pm

Mourning The Walking Dead’s Merle with Replacement Dixons?

Merle and Daryl Dixon ForeverWe don't know what to do with ourselves since losing half of one of the most kick-ass love-hate teams on TV. (Check out all our recaps and provocative commentary here.)  Sure, brothers Merle and Daryl Dixon suspected, undermined, infuriated, and disappointed each other, but that's what partnership and family is all about, right? When the offal hit the rotating blades, each knew where the other stood. Sigh. But done is done, and we're trying our best to move on and find solace and bromance elsehwere. Still, we're not sure that any of our desperate attempts to fill the Dixon void are exactly working.

1) Because of the shorter haircut and worse attitude, Castle's Detective Javier Esposito would give Merle a go, but Detective Kevin Ryan isn't outlaw enough for Daryl's poncho, and makes even the ratty look natty. As replacement Dixons, FAIL.


2) Merle was crazy, but not for 80s  eurosynth and toys collectibles like Shawn of Psych. Gus's blood-sugar issues would leave him woozy walker bait, he'd lose his voice screaming, and the Super Sniffer couldn't handle all that decomp. These new Dixons are a worse fit than our first try. We must be deranged with grief.


Raylan and Boyd as replacement Dixons3) Okay—at least Justified's Raylan and Boyd have southern-fried flavor. And TWD has long, empty stretches for the elaborate dialogue between frenemies. But are we allowing mere geography to seduce us away from more offbeat but powerful new Dixons?


Bert as Merle with Ernie

4) No, no we're not.






Maybe our big problem is that none of our new Dixons play brothers. But frankly, when entering the churning waters concerning brotherly characters, well... let's just say online fandom tends to postulate the, um, closeness of those sibling relationships beyond just sharing bunk beds, if-you-know-what-we-mean-and-we-think-you-do.

We've never seen anyone 'shipping Merle and Daryl that way, but then again, our retinas didn't want to know. If such mourning fans are out there, we do sympathize with their loss, not to mention respecting the challenges of fan-fic choreography around Merle's tooled-up arm. And should those bereft fans just need a new set of brothers to ship, if The Avengers' Thor-ki won't do the trick, as far as we know, the Winchesters of Supernatural are still taking all comers.


But if there's just no substitute for the original recipe, we're giving away a set of the collected comic volumes. Between the two books, it's over two thousand pages that take you from issue #1 through #96, into the events of Season 3 and well beyond!


This Sweepstakes has ended. Check out current opportunites at our Sweepstakes feature page.

To enter for a chance to win The Walking Dead: Compendium One and Compendium Two, written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn, make sure you’re a registered member of the site, and then simply leave a comment below.

TIP: Since only comments from registered users will be tabulated, if your user name appears in red above your comment—STOP—go log in, then try commenting again. If your user name appears in black above your comment, You’re In!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry at beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) March 31, 2013. Sweepstakes ends at 7:29 p.m. ET on April 14, 2013 (the “Promotion Period”). Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules at Sponsor: Macmillan, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010


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Lauren O'Brien
1. laurenobrien
I've been nervous about tonight all day long. Excited, but the wait for next season already feels interminable.

Lookout, Gov!
Jody Darden
3. jldarden
Painful to watch what Daryl had to do to Merle. One of those characters you love to hate.
Max Cage
4. maxcage
Wow, that is a sweet prize!

Merle was a good character. So easy to hate, which made his "redemption" that much more poignant. Good writing! Which is something you can say about TWD only sometimes.
Amy Brewer
8. makeetis
I am seriously hoping for a chance to win this...My family have to be some of the biggest Walking Dead fans. We never miss an episode...
Julie Breed
9. julie2564
I LOVE the walking dead! Cannot wait for next season and would love to win
Dwayne Berry
10. RturnofFly
I freakin' LOVE the Walking Dead series on AMC!!! Daryl's my favorite.
Chi Shannon
11. anastasiafall
YES! This would be fantastic :) Thanks for the chance :)
Jeff Leiboff
13. jeffkeyz
I got my picture with Rooker at a season 3 premier party at T-Dog's house.
Jessica Shallbetter
15. fessay
I read volumes 1-13 a few years ago and LOVED tbem, I would absolutely love to win the compendiums to finish where I left off!! Such a great prize :)
Lincoln Crisler
19. lcrisler
Merle went out like a champ. No matter how long he survived, I don't think fans of the show would have ever come around to accepting him as a "good guy," but I'd say he acheived as much redemption by the end of his last episode as he ever could.
sam mccanna
20. mccanna23
Just finished the season...what a stressful show.... but definitely the GOOD kind of stressful :-p
tony lastomirsky
22. tonylastro
I feel Merl's redemption and sad death would have made for a wayyyy more intense season finale. As much as we all loved to hate Merle, He was still a much better character than andrea. I would be the most appreciative person in the world if I won this. I used to own Compendium One until someone Stole it. I was devastated. Much love to your site. I love it.
eve bodovsky
23. ebodovsky
definitely interested to see what happens with daryls character after merle
Val Selby
24. busymomma
I've been addicted to Supernatural now. It's on netflix streaming and I only started it a year ago so I have tons of episodes to watch while waiting forever for TWD to come back on.
charlie dorman
25. drgnfly799
Love this!! I have not had the chance to read any yet!
Hughie Boyle
26. MrSelfDestruct
I'm going with the Winchesters for the new Dixons. There's already been a few seasons where Sam didn't have a soul or had demon blood in him.
Plus I'm pretty sure the Dixons probably listen to the same music as Dean.
Steven Hatchell
27. ogre1971
Waiting for the next episode is going to be torture! Would love to see the guy who plays Raylan from Justified in The Walking Dead. Replacing the chaos monster of Merle will be difficult to say the least!
Kristinia Carter
28. lovingheartmommy
I haven't read any of the graphic novels yet, I want to soon! I love the show!
Robin Lloyd
31. Lalloyd31
There is NO replacement for Merle. But, lucky for us , Daryl and The Walking Dead go on. I can't wait to read the graphic novels!!!
Nick Reynolds
32. gcnick
I felt very dissapointed in the finale =\
33. cbilletter
My entire family loves this show! Can not wait till season 4!
James McAndrew
34. jmcandrew8
Unless Kirkman puts these guys into the comic there are no replacements.
Robert Fite
38. rsfite
Love TWD. Bummed that the season is over and I can't beleive they killed off Andrea.
Alyssa Dawn
39. heyheyitsA
Awesome giveaway.

I nominate strapping a blade to Herschel's missing leg to soften the blow of losing Merle. Bad. Ass.
Ruben Carbajal
40. reachruben
I would've loved to see Merle around a bit longer--maybe a scene where Governor cuts off his arm and Merle plucks out his remaing eye.
42. iamlongbeard
At least Merle went out in an epic way. I was starting to like his character & wondered how he'd redeem himself & blend into the group. Now I know his contribution to their survival efforts. :)
Dylan Gebhart
43. Dylanwalkingdead
I've been a fan of this book and show ever since they both began, i've followed Robert Kirkmans work in Marvel Zombies as well and bought the $125 "zomnibus" and it was well worth the collection and the money paid, it would be nice to add on to the comic book collection i've finally started making recently.
44. iamlongbeard
At least Merle went out in an epic way. I was starting to like his character & wondered how he'd redeem himself & blend into the group. Now I know his contribution to their survival efforts. :)
Kris Mitchell
46. atakmunky
show is good, comic is better. love both
Richard Perez
47. Daboricuaman
Walking Dead Best show... i have read the first Compendium. i would love to read the second...
Lalena Hernandez
48. heylali
Sometimes I love the differences between the comics and the show and sometimes it just boggles my mind.
Rochelle Helms
50. LeftCoastGirlie
There simply is not a substitute for the brothers Dixon ;)
Scott Storey
51. sstorey1023
I think Daryl was doing just fine, before he found merle at woodbury. I think he will be just fine still. Of course, he will be a little rocky at first but I think he'll re-gain his ground and continue to be a huge part of the story line.
Charles Dodd
52. chwado
I volunteer to take his place,

plus i believe the baby has the cure
myrick albright
53. myrickga
They gave him a hero ending, then let Daryl give he's peace
adam honsinger
54. adam826
Read them all but would love to own the compendiums!!! The Walking Dead is the best ever!!!!
Guillermo Garcia
55. Cheatmo
With what I know about the books, the Merle and Darryl relationship is nothing compared to the tyrese and Rick relationship. I hope they do the relationship justice on the show
Joanna Bailey
56. Meeki
I loved Merle. I thought he went out in a blaze of glory and redeemed himself. Seeing the pain on Daryl's face was unbearable though. You could see that despite the hardships and differences between them, they both loved one another a great deal. Brothers forever.
Casey Barnes
57. Beans
I love this actor. Love him in Mallrats & Slither too.
Eric Fiske
58. dbige83
Not sure how I feel about the TV show's plot departure from the graphic novels. I understand changes need to be made...but at what point to you stray too far from the authors' orignal intent?
Eric Fiske
59. dbige83
Not sure how I feel about the TV show's plot departure from the graphic novels. I understand changes need to be made...but at what point to you stray too far from the authors' orignal intent?
Misty McElroy
60. misty88
I can't wait to see how this show goes since its divert away from the comic this oughta be interesting to see how this next season goes!!!
Rich Wyderko Sr
61. coachrich13
While the show has diverted from the graphic novel, I trust Robert enough to keep the spirit of it alive in the show.
Matt Oh
62. bongoh
I was sort of disappointed with the season finale. Although I do enjoy the unpredictability afforded to us by Mr. Kirkman. Either way I am still looking forward to season 4.
Jean Pickard
63. kitchennow22
Kinda sad about Merle.... He will be missed in the show. Side note, I've never read the graphic novels and this contest would provide the perfect opportunity to do so, seeing as I never have the money to purchase them when I see them in stores. :)
Emilee Rubio
64. RubyRubio
I had been rooting for Merle while everyone was hating him! He will be missed and I am glad he redeemed himself before he went out. On the brightside, we still have Daryl fighting the good fight!
Michelle Thompson
65. mlthom23
I love the comics and the novels. Although they would have been better with the Dixon brothers in them! The finale was a complete let-down. I was upset that they killed Merle but it would have made a better finale.
Virginia Hall
66. ginia74
Glad the show sent Merle out a hero. So Sad that Darryl had to find him that way.
Jacob Lollar
67. jacoblollar
Love Daryl and Merle's contributions to the show. One of the best additions from the comics.
Kim Hawker
68. kimnrowdy
I was pretty disappointed in the finale. Especially with how and why Andrea died. But the writers got lazy with her character, wrote her into a corner, and wanted to take an easy way out.
ginger dunbar
69. ginnyd81
kind of disappointed with the finale, and was sad to see Merle go-just when he became somewhat likeable. Cant wait to see whats in store next season!
João Lucas
70. NickLucas
OMG I want it so badly! :D

Best comics out there!
Corey Gill
71. Growtography
Very disappointed with the Finale. The talking dead Phone Bomb howeve much more interesting. I would love to see Sean and Gus deal with the Z apocalypse. Not so much the others. The show will never be better then the comic..
72. edq143
fantastic prize. A compliment to the season ender!
Pedro Juarez
73. Pj30824
I was expecting a lot more for the finale didn't like how the built up the governor to be a badass only for him to run when the prison fought back but I know it's all one big storyline that will eventually tie itself together
Robert Hudman
74. Rhudman
Real let down by the season finale. Would love the prize to read the series up to date again!
Tyler Coney
75. dejairl
I enjoyed the Raylan / Boyd idea very much.
cesar sierra
76. KaesarSkirata
This was a good article. Haven't read one in a while. Now I really hope i win.
Josh Baker
77. Dymir
Great show and comic, can't wait for the next installment of both :D
Timothy McClelland
78. tdm5003
Merle was so hated and then he was given a fantastic final redemption. It gave the audience a chance to feel sad for him and to have our hearts break for Daryl. It was truly beautiful.
Alannah Murphy
79. bananalannah
lol i really hope i win this contest...
my parents bought my boyfriend the second compendium for christmas, which was actually more of like a present for the both of us to share because we love the walking dead and at the time we were inseperable. but when he finished, he lent the compendium to his friend, then eventually i had to break up with him because i was so fed up about how he stopped putting in the effort to see me and wouldnt communicate anything/wouldnt respond to my confrontation about it. im perfectly fine we are broken up, but it kills me that i didnt get the chance to read the second compendium :'(

EDIT: I also just want to say how much i started to warm up to Merle in the show as well! i was so upset with what happened to him and i almost cried when daryl showed up.. and the look on his face!! ahhhhhhh!!! so sad!
jacqueline parker
80. parker.jacqueline11
Man, I love this show! Would love to win the contest!
Elisha braswell
81. elisha629
I just hope this show is around for along time.
Ken Deemer
82. VikingKen
AMC's The Walking Dead Finale was OK. It's still a Great Show! Ilove that it's similar to the Comic Books & yet just different enough to keep us (Long Time Readers) guessing too. I've hooked Everyone at my Work & we have our own Talking Dead on Monday Mornings!
The Story has been getting better & the Ratings are proving it! This is a Great Prize & The Only thing that could make it better was if it was Mine!
83. jbrock
Those books are the only script they really need. Just add more side adventures into the show & bam!
Jon Coleman
84. TSF
I loved to hate merle now that he's gone I think it could really change part of the shows dynamic
Kelly Shumaker
86. KelShu2
There will NEVER be another Merle and Daryl....Norman Reedus cant be on EVERY show on TV!
Damian Genthner
87. defiantgruzzy
gonna miss Merle, if anyone here is watching the show but hasn't read the books, DO IT!
Jason Bloom
88. mistergloom
This show truly needs to do more to seperate itself from its' source material (i.e. these insanely amazing graphic novels) or do a better job with integrating the excellent content into the show. Either way, the show is truly lacking, and it is a shame to see such a great story go to waste. C'mon Kirkman, we all have seen so much better from you!
Darrin Gordon
90. Dlgordon
I actually enjoy how the show remains loosely based on the novels. It gives the viewers familiar with the novels a sense of nostalgia without spoiling the show's plot line. With that being said, is somebody going to lose their head during season 4? I'd hate to see it be Tyreese, and Daryl is probably the most unkillable character outside of Rick.
91. ayceeoh
Merle, you weren't so bad, man...
Tiffany Lucas
92. Tiffanystar07
Ahhhhhh. I'm a little upset with the direction they are taking the show but I will never stop watching. Honestly the walking dead is the best show on tv. I've read all the comics and even with the drastic differences I will always be a fan!
anna Anderson-Katz
93. celestiablue2002
So excited to see what the future holds....anxious...don't know if I can wait 6 months!!!
Brian Davis
94. brianedavis6
I love the show, but recently have got into tthe comics and novels. Great giveaway!!
Robin Peters
95. MookLoxley
I would love to win these, comics are so much better than the TV show. Disappointed with the ending of season 3.
Scarllet Veras
97. scarletlocket
I really love this show. It's not just because of the zombies - it's a very real view of how society would survive and how they would act. I really want to win these comics; I'm so excited!!
Joseph Palacios
98. littleman0791
Damn I could really use this. I've already got volumes 1-10
brian Mills
99. blmills
I love this show! The walking dead are not the zombies. It's the people still alive that all know it's just a matter of time.
Borut Hollan
100. hollan
cool prize!

i know that the dixons were close, but in all honesty, they weren't THAT close. I never really thought about them as a team...
Shaunterria Owens
101. shaunterria
The Dixons were never really a team, but they were an impressive duo nonetheless. RIP (and I hope I win)
Phoenix Vie
102. Phoenix
There are no replacements for the Dixon brothers!
Mike Holyoak
104. anubis9
I'm posting with my eyes squinty, becuase I haven't watched it yet, and don't want too many spoilers. Can't wait to come back and fully read this page later!
105. gargaroth
woohooo i'd like to win it.
106. missmeigs
love this show
Deborah Dumm
108. deb730
Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!!!
erin f
109. efender1
I love, love, love this TV show! I would love to read the graphic novels! Thanks for the giveaway!
Tatiana deCarillion
110. decarillion
Raylan and Boyd..>I love these two on-screen...they really do like each other...really....
Jim Hayes
111. bigjimbo316
I would love to win this, as I'm a super huge fan of the snow. I've never had a chance yet to read the comic series, so this would be fantastic to win and compare along with the show.
Makayla Goodson
112. Mkay212
Supernatural's the Winchester brothers is definitely the only route to go for a remotely close replacement. But who are we all kidding??? There is absolutely no replacement for a Dixon.
Deb Mosora
113. debmsra
Love the Walking Dead! I vote for Raylan and Boyd as replacement Dixons with their love/hate relationship.
114. mosaix
Mosaix is the one! Yes!
caite fitzgerald
115. caite
how cool would it be to win? way cool!
Larisa LaBrant
116. MsGodiva1
would be awesome to read and share the compendiums with my sister who is an avid twd fan.
Madeline Bolin
117. Madelineb7
No team can replace the Dixon brothers! Sad to see Merle go right when they started making him likeable. Love TWD and would love to share the compendiums with my mother and brothers. We gather every Sunday to tune in!
Cheryl English
118. RoyalCheryl
Out with the old and in with the New! I'm so excited for Season 4.
Jeremy Henry
119. jshgambit
I just hope the end of the brother storyline doesn't give TWD license to off Daryl. Love that character too much to lose him.

Gotta say though, that sure was a way for Merle to totally redeem himself!

Also...Last comment. They should totally introduce these characters into TWD comic book universe. Since they're playing with timelines, from what I've read, adding them in now wouldn't be that crazy.
Kai Tate
120. Ohhh
Merle was definitely an interesting character. I was glad he had a sort of redemption in the end, but I wish they would have focused on that more in the finale rather than Andrea's footsie fumbles. Cannot say I'll miss her or that her complete disregard to the governor's awfulness was made okay in the end. Feels like the writers knew everyone hated her and thought her death by walker and saying she "just wanted everyone to live " would gloss over it.
Hattie Fogerty
122. Fearlessx3
I am a huge fan of the Walking Dead!

It is hard to see Merle go shortly after beginning to not completely hate him. However, I just hope that Daryl was able to sense what his brother was up to before he became a walker. I'd really like to think Daryl understood that Merle was out there trying to fight for them and ultimately kill the governor. Merle died a hero (surprisingly enough!).

What I love so much about this show is that it so accuaretly displays human nature; the best and the worst. Merle was a victim of circumstance and surivial. He went from indulging his natural instict to live, to ultimately regaining part of his humanity back.

It's easy to hate him, intill you think about what you would and wouldn't do if you were on the brink of death, by zombies, or the hand of the Governor, each and every day.

This show is more than zombie killing fun, it's essence is about the scariest parts that lie in each and every one of us; and also, the compassion we are capable of. Thanks for a great season Walking Dead!
Mark Corrigan
123. outerheaven182
Awwww I want em! October cant come soon enough!!!
Eric reid
124. RomanticStalker
I was recently watching "The Road" and I believe it would be great to cast Viggo Mortensen as a new character into The Walking Dead series as a companion for Daryl. It may be a bit strange seeing him from LOTR, but who else is more badass than Aragorn? He's taken on legions of mindless creatures in hand-to-hand combat, and he can do so once again. Well, that's my vote for Daryl's new bromance, and hey, if that doesn't work they could always try Andy Dick; just kidding on that one, sorry Andy.
Richard Epstein
127. kasper11
I'll miss Merle. Didn't really care about him at first, but Michael Rooker is such a great actor his character grew on me.
Shannon Jensen
128. surlygirl
I can't stand that we now have to wait until October. I wasn't a big fan
of Merle the character, but love Michael Rooker. He'll be missed.

I would love to win these compendiums. Just to see what the fuss is over
the comics versus the show. I haven't read any of the comics so I don't
know better, but as a librarian, I'd like to.
James Church
129. jimbo4691
I have to admit I will miss Merle and that sick smile of his and that slow drawl and the viscous way he did things. The man was an individual that tried to fit in no matter the circumstances and took it upon himself to do what had to be done even though he fell short of the job.
Tina Radzavich
130. sleepygirl
I have no love lost for Merle and will not miss him. His act of valor for Team Prison ultimately made no difference in the end. Darryl reference many times in the three seasons how his life was improved without Merle yet loyaly chained him to his brother. RIP dude. You kicked serious ass with one arm.
131. bl10305
I read the comics a while ago, but I had to borrow them and gie them back quickly. Dear lord, were they awesome!
Karl Stenger
132. Stenger
I love the series and would love the compendiums
Vernon Luckert
133. vl4095
Zombies & walking dead? Well they seem to have more going for them then all the politicians in DC.
Denise Bacher
134. DeniseBacher
Is it wrong I never hated Merle? He was just too amusing to hate. Yes I did get upset when he did what he did to Glen, but I still just saw it as him trying to fit in at that town. Trying to make himself indispensible to the Governor.
Kayla McKay
135. KayDoll93
This is awesome, I've been dying to get my hands on these. I loved Merle, even if he was a racist jerk.
Mike Rogers
136. Mycosyco
What a great giveaway! I'd love to read the comic.
Maureen Wynn
137. red-cat
I would love to read the comics! Maybe they hold a little more backstory on Merle, the bad-boy cracker you just love to hate!
susan beamon
139. susanbeamon
Glad to see Merle finally off the roof and back where we know where he is. Having him a ghost who could turn up at any time to mess with our group's cool was annoying. He did go out in a blaze of glory, trying to gut the Govenor, who will now become our ghost who could turn up, etc. I wouldn't mind winning the comics, because I have not read them. For me, the show and the comic are two different things that happen to share a title and a couple of characters.
Stacey Matula
140. happyhrt78
LOVE Daryl and would love to read this! I was actually sad to see Merle go, a little...
Tia Dalley
141. ZombieGrl75
I don't have cable so I am anxiously awaiting the dvd of season 3. I have read the first compendium, although I had to borrow it and return it. Daryl is my favorite character. I would LOVE to win these so my son and I can read them. Thank you for such an Awesome Giveaway!
davidson sigethi
143. dez-cadena
I was sad, that MERL died, in the end he was a really good and strong characgter. Daryl could be produ of him, that what he did in his last day. The dixon brothers are now half dead. I hope that Daryl will take are of himself after his brother died. He is a strong chatacter, but really sensetive and hartfull, he is a really big Milk Men
Philippe Joron
144. philpop
Kinda sad that they killed merle but atleast we got tyreese now
Elisha braswell
145. elisha629
I cried on the season 3 finale and the season 2 finale, actually cried on a few of the episodes lol, my husband thinks it's sick.
Tari Lawson
146. hawkshoe
I would love to win this. A guy I work with is always saying how much better the comic is and I would love to read it to see.
Gregory Sparks
147. sparkplug54
People die or disappear in the real world. Characters in TV shows do the same. It allows for a freshening up of the story. How many leads have been written out on Law & Order? Yeah, some of them I missed but there were some great replacements, too.
Trisha Doyle
149. tempestkitty
Im so excited! xD Daryl is hot but Norman has always been so. BDS for Life!
Jacob Matthew
150. jmcharries
I really hated to see Merle go just as he was turning himself around. At least he went out on his own terms, though. BTW - I would like to see a Michael Westen/Sax Axe version of the brothers. Be some cool weapon improvisations going on!
John Bays
152. Scubasteve
I have to admit, I'm pretty upset that Merle died. I can't help but wonder what else they could have done with his character. I hate that Daryl has been chasing him for the entire show, and they finally get together then Merle sacrifices himself. ugh -mourn-
Alicia Ahlvers
153. Aahlvers
I think the Winchesters would be an acceptable (and rather hot) replacement for a bro team. Super excited to see Tyreese finally make an appearance. ...And I have to admit I would have never believed I would get a little teary over Merle's passing.
155. angelarcher
I can't remember ever being hooked on a show I thought that I would never watch, and then counting down the hours for the season finale! I wanted the Governor to be taken out so badly, and just about any of the Team Prison characters would have had a good reason (Rick, Michonne, Andrea, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie...even Milton). After the Gov's psycho display against his own people, I think his two surviving men should take care of it themselves. Also, I'm glad they didn't kill off Daryl, Rick or Michonne, or I probably would have quit watching. The only sad thing is...just when a character starts to be happy or redeem themselves (Axel, Lori, Merle, Andrea), you can count on them getting the axe. It's going to be a looong summer. Let the Walker Withdrawal begin! There are always reruns on Netflix until then! Looking forward to Season 4!
Delaney Hernandez
156. WalkingFan
Amazing prize!! This would be a prize to share with the family we are all HUGE Walking Dead fans! :D
It was so sad when Daryl had to kill Merle :'( I was excited to see that the producers of the show let him go out with a bang at least and that he tried to do something good for the group. I can't wait for what the next season will bring!
Joan Boose
157. joan.boose
Yes to comic books and undead characters :) Please and thank you!
Robert Benezette
159. Psoident
I still can't believe Merle is gone... and now, the SHOW is gone for MONTHS... Can't wait!!! I need some reading material to hold me over until then... If only there were something to read...
Gina Sutton
160. GinaAS
This show is just amazing. I hate to wait and now I have to wait for six months! Winning these comic books would be just awesome. I can dream, can't I ? ;)
Sally Guillen
163. sguillen50
This is an awesome prize and love comic books.
Michael Faux
164. webfox100
I'd like to see how Batman and Robin would hold up in the zombie take over. I'm sure they'll do almost as well as the Dixon bros.
Michael Papagermanos
165. MPAndonee
Without Daryl, I wouldn't be caught "dead" in the Apocalypse (Zombie or otherwise)...!

Count me in!
Sallee Ellen Glickler
166. sorchagriannon
Oh, this would be awesome to hold me through the long, long, off-season.
167. damien
Cant wait for new season this will hold me over until then. Thanks for doing this.
Joshua Atkins
168. atkinsj
What a fantastic giveaway! Thanks CE!

The Walking Dead TV show was my wife's doorway into the horror genre, and my comic collection is woefully incomplete. I'd love to win and get her to read them.
kathy dunaway
169. kats7960
I knew Merle had a little bit of good in him. I will miss him.
Thomas Walker
170. twalker
The Walking Dead is the best show on TV! Merle was a great character. He will be missed.
The conpendiums would be fun to have.
172. Dan Sampeck
Great books!
Tim Hughes
174. packerfantimmy
My kids got me hooked on the tv series. Really sucks tat Merle is gone.
shawn manning
176. shawnmanning
Not sure that Merle was entirely redeemed, but he was on the right path.
Leslie Flynn
177. workingforthemandroid
From the moment I saw this post, I thought, "Where is Sam & Dean?!" They are the closest thing to a Dixon replacement I could think of on current television, but they aren't as rough around the edges as Merle and Daryl.

Not sad to see Merle gone, but still devestated for Daryl.
181. kathy knutson
is it worth my while to watch
182. Love3570
Absolutely LOVE the show! Cant seem to get enough.
Cary Gordon
185. NotEd3k
Merle's apparent change of heart when he went out really helped redeem and add a little extra depth to the character, despite the fact that no opne of the core cast saw it happen.
Melissa Keith
187. melly801
Really? Number 4 is such an excellent choice. lol!
I'm so ready to move forward. But it will be slowly. After all....this is THE WALKING DEAD!
Trevor Richards
189. richards903
I never would have thought Merle would have redeemed himself like that! I love this show!
Dan Roberts
190. BigGoalieDan
I loved to hate Merle and was happy how he came around in the end to do the right thing. Michael Rooker is the perfect choice for such a character! BRILLIANT actor!
Megan Mariner
191. luckeeblackcat
What an amazing series! That Gov is almost scarier than the walkers! Love this prize opportunity.:)
Veronica Jarvis
193. ariyana9501
I love Daryl.....had a love/hate relationship for Merle, but that's the way it is. Life goes on, or it doesn't. Either way I am looking forward to these books. Perfect for this series!
Anthony DeMarino
194. adem6677
My favorite show! I love the comics as well. Good luck everyone.
Derek Peake
195. derek718
Winning this would definitely end my procrastination in reading the comic
197. deadmaster
where is the governor and his friends in the last chapter?
D Kline
198. oola54
Merle would have done the same for Daryl....RIP Merle...
Anna Duch
199. AnnaMemphis
RIP Merle. Hoping to get the full set -- I hate watching a show without reading the books first!
Heather Swarthout
200. theswarthouts
I would love to win this, I LOVE the Walking Dead show and it will be a rough half a year waiting for the next season to return!
Earle Isibue
201. mrflingo
Please... this would make my wife so happy and by extension Me.
Rhonda McElveen
202. rhondamc21
Who will make me laugh like Merle did? He made some really serious situations funny.
Bob Keck
203. ky2here
I haven't read any of these so this would be a complete coup. Thanks for the opportunity.
Jason Nickolay
205. parkerozgood
I was just starting to like Merle again! Can't wiat for October!
Gena Merrell
207. gmmerrell
Really disappointed Merle died. Seems like he was just on the cusp of turning his ways around and then died (although I do understand that was a way of redeeming himself)
Rebecca Schindler
208. xocmd
love the walking dead and would love to have
these :)
210. MsMeg22
LOVE Walking Dead ... Daryll better not go anywhere but I don't miss Merle at all :)
Brenda Elsner
211. brat52101
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! Would love to have these!!
kathy pease
212. klp1965
Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)
Pauline Mendes
213. pauline15
I LOVE this show! And yes, I was a little sad about Merle, but I can't wait to see what happens next!
Sumer Blaker
214. slb9184
Awesome prize, thanks for the giveaway!
Susan Smoaks
217. susansmoaks
i would love to win, this looks super funny!
220. Vikkilyn
I love Walking Dead and the last few episodes were awesome! RIP - Merel and Andrea
Shannon Parker
222. 07violet
I'd love to read these and see how they compare to the show
l holmes
223. dmoatu4ft
Love this show! Just wish that a zombie movie/show would feature someone who's glad that the world blew up for once. You know there has to be one somewhere. I'm tired of hearing everyone whine that their life was so great before.
Cassandra Marquez
224. cassandraashley
i love the comics and read them way before the show. i really hate the show actually but the comments are awesome!
barbara stenby
225. wikichoco
Not only am I an avid graphic novel reader & collector but I am the biggest walking dead fan. I waited on line for 12 hrs to get in to a panel discussion at NYCC this past year! It was crazy amazing! Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.
Tanyell Palumbo
226. tpalumbo
At this moment, I'm not sure if I'm insanely attracted to the Governor or if I hate him .. I'm pretty sure that I hate him and that's what makes me attracted to him.
In the end, what he did to Merle was just plain wrong. Poor Merle.
Edward Vandenberg
227. Crunch57
These would be great. My kid got me watching season one of the show and we will watch season two soon.
Heather Cowley
229. choochoo
I am FREAKING OUT! I am having withdrawal symptoms here and these will calm me down a bit, I think.
Timothy Anderson
231. lycoan
Thank god, these would definitely help hold me over
Roxann Trexel
235. ladyt64
I really liked Merle. I can't stand the governor. I hope he gets what's coming to him next season.
Kelley Costa
236. pandahugger
My son loves these books, I so hope I win for him!
Tamara Burks
237. ladycat713
I would love to win this. The Walking Dead is my favorite.
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