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Undercover Sweepstakes with Some Like it Hawk by Donna Andrews!

Some Like it Hawk by Donna AndrewsNote from the hijackers HQ:

Art director David Rotstein has been sharing the ideas and processes behind book cover design on a Tumblr site—check out his previous posts on Gone Missing by Linda Castillo and The Beautiful Mystery by Louise Penny for examples. Gorgeous, right? No jury of other crime fans would ever convict us for hijacking it. And from now on, we’ll be hosting great backstage scoop in our own Going Undercover feature.

Our first installment includes the hilarious new Meg Langslow cozy mystery Some Like it Hawk by Donna Andrews. And, to really launch this properly, we’re adding a sweepstakes below for registered commenters to enter for a chance to win one of 10 copies of the book!

So, without further ado, we pass it over to gentle with him, we just removed the blindfold and handcuffs.

Hot Chicks and Murder—

Well okay—they are actually hawks (not chicks) in Donna Andrews’s new Meg Langslow mystery, Some Like it Hawk.

I absolutely loved Donna’s title, which plays off of the beloved Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe film Some Like it Hot.

For the cover I just had to try covers that referenced the movie. The very-talented Maggie Parr does these illustrations for me, and she came up with the below sketch, which I adore.

Some Like it Hawk conceptual drawings by Maggie Parr

Unfortunately the sketch strays a little too far from the book’s plot, and ultimately was perhaps a little too complicated as well. So Maggie got to work and submitted these very funny revisions.

Some Like it Hawk conceptual drawings by Maggie Parr

We all loved the old-fashioned electric fan sketch. Trouper that she is, Maggie further refined the sketch with an additional two versions.

Some Like it Hawk conceptual drawings by Maggie Parr

The bird digging his claws in was so funny—but the claws felt too sharp or off-putting somehow. We did other versions with the type layout slightly altered, as well as a variety of background colors before ultimately coming to our final cover.

Some Like it Hawk by Donna Andrews

Donna’s books are such great fun, and the covers capture that aspect of the writing and always make me smile. How about you?

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To enter for a chance to win one of ten copies of Donna Andrews’s Some Like it Hawk, make sure you’re a registered member of the site, and then simply leave a comment below.

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David Rotstein is the Art Director of Minotaur Books, and hopes you have as much fun viewing these entries as he had creating these covers.


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Allison Campbell
2. allisonmariecat
I love the Meg Langslow mysteries! The fan image is hysterical.
Donna Andrews
3. DonnaAndrews
David, I'm delighted that you are sharing this story. When I saw the first draft of the cover, I remember that my reaction was "It's gorgeous! I love it! Wait--why are the hawks in drag?" Shows how deeply immersed I was in Deadline City that I didn't get it at first glance. And I was impressed that you and Maggie came up with another equally gorgeous idea. Love the final!
Tina Schwab
4. TinaS
I absolutely love this series. I thought of the movie the second I saw the new title. Can't wait to dive in!
Sharon Shirley
5. SShirley
I love the final cover, but the one of the hawk sweating under a hand held fan is very fun and intriguing to me. I can't wait to read this update of Meg's crazy life!
Karen O'Donnell
6. Karen
Love the cover! Donna's having a reading later this week in DC.
Sue Carroll
7. oskCarroll
I'm looking forward to time with Meg and the twins again. The cover is great. I also liked the hawk with the hand held fan.
8. Teresa Wilder
This was really interesting. I often wish I knew the background story on cover art on books I read.
Joanne Mielczarski
9. jtmswim
This is definitely a different twist on a mystery - can't wait to read it!
jason fiske
11. off2europe
I love the patriotic ribbons coming from the fan. Adds to the excitement of the book.
Donna Andrews
12. DonnaAndrews
Off2europe, it's a Fourth of July mystery--hence the patriotic ribbons!
Karen Durban
14. Kkdurban
I can't wait! I love your books and this looks like a great way to spend a weekend!
Ethel Jarrett
15. oree
I can't wait not only do I love your books but I have also develope an interest in birds and bird watching. Thanks for both
Louise Meyer
16. kitkat
Interesting story about how the cover came to be created. I love the reference to Some Like It Hot! I can't wait to read this book. I have enjoyed all the titles in this series. Thank you for such great reading!
17. Priscilla Harszy
I started reading your books because of the titles; I then found the books themselves to be just as good. I try to get the books as soon as they are released. Can't wait for Bouchercon.
Cynthia Wong
18. Cyn209
a definite add to my WishList!!
thank you for the giveaway!!!
jj york
19. yorkjj
Looking forward to it. Have read them all!
Carol Wong
21. Carolee888
I love, love, love cozies and I love birds too. I have two cockatiels, Squeaky and Speckles. I am trying to get all of Donna Andrews's books eventually.
Have my fingers crossed and hoping so much!
Terry Parrish
22. Biddie99
Really interesting how the process goes for designing a book cover. If only I could draw!
Mason Canyon
23. MasonCanyon
This is a terrific series by a wonderful author and the covers always make me laugh.

Thoughts in Progress
Anna Mills
24. Anna Mills
If it's funny AND a mystery?? Exactly what I need right now!
Karen Barnett
28. kpbarnett
What a hoot the movie was! Love the cover and how it came about. Book now on wish list!
29. orchid7
I love seeing the drawings of how the cover design came about. Looks like a great read! Good luck with your new release.
Phoenix Vie
30. Phoenix
Thanks for the inside story of the cover. Great pictures!
31. Patricia
I want a poster of that hawk on my wall.
Anne Muller
32. anne38
I like the cover which imitates Some Like It Hot, but I wonder how many people these days would actual get it. Looking forward to Meg and family's lastest adventure.
Andrew Kuligowski
33. KuligowskiAndrew
It was nice to read some of the background story - we've all heard that you can't judge a book by its cover, BUT spend 5 minutes in a "brick and mortar" bookstore and you'll see that it happens all the time!
35. Wezzie
LOVE a new cozy series! Thanks for offering a chance to win!
Kathleen E. Rourke
36. Kathleen8
The final cover is very cute but I personally prefer the one with the hand fan. The hawk looks less silly in that one. But all the covers for these books have been delightful, nicely matching the interesting book titles. Thank you for showing the artistic process behind the covers. I am really looking foward to reading this book, but then I do with all of Donna Andrews's books. None have disappointed. All are hilarious and very well written, with good character development and intriguing plots.
37. Kathy in OR
LOVE LOVE LOVE the drawings. Thanks for the background on the cover.
Would love a copy too!
Rosemary Simm
38. Ocalarose
What a fun play on words for the title. It certainly caught my attention. I have not read any of your books, but plan to change that quickly.
Wonderful cover !
Carol Turner
40. cjpturner
Love this series and what a great cover(story)!
Karen Arrowood
41. msakma
Love the play on words, and looking forward to reading this.
John Kilgallon
43. affordableghost
Love the series and love all the covers. Liked seeing the evolution of this one....
Harvee Lau
I've enjoyed your mysteries and would love to win this one. I like the humor in your books!
Marissa Culp
46. MarissaCulp
I just love these Meg Lanslow mysteries! And each of the covers (and the play-on-word titles) have been fun as well!
Laura McDonald
47. bonnieclyde
I have always loved cozy mysteries, somehow they make escaping reality a lot easier! This one sounds great and I appreciate the background on the cover art.
48. mysandycat
one of my favorite series! i had wondered if they were gonna continue with the theme of the buildings being repossessed! Can't wait to read it!
49. Buttersweet
Love the hawk cover. Am looking forward to reading the book
Janet Stewart
50. JustJanet
Have never read Donna Andrews but would love to!
Marjorie Manharth
51. mmanharth
Oh, I hope the book is as good as the cover. Would love to find out!
Victoria Swadley
52. vswadley
I love the information behind book cover designs. I've always wondered how that works and to see the connection between the novel's plot and the cover art doubles the reading pleasure!
53. Ginny Tata-Phillips
Look forward to reading this. Wining a copy would be a big bonus and I promist to Read It Forward and share when I finish!
Brenda Hill
54. misskallie2000
I love the cover and it would really catch my eye if I were looking at books to buy. Sounds like a great book.
Joyce Mitchell
55. JoyceLm
I love Donna Andrews' series starring Meg Langslow. Fun book cover! Thanks for the chance to win.
Patricia Douglas
56. teachgiftedkids
The title and the cover are enough for me to want to read this book. Keeping my fingers crossed!
57. undermyappletree
The sketches made me take a second look. It does sound like a fun read.
Lisa Garrett
58. lag123
My daughter loves this series. I would like to start it on her reccomendation.
Lois Harry
59. loisann0
I really enjoyed the story of how the cover came about. Terrific artwork and David described the process very entertainingly. Thanks for your generosity for this great series. I have been with this series from the beginning.
Cindi Hoppes
61. CindiHoppes
I enjoy your style of writing immensely! I read the books in this
series and pass them on to my best friend...
Many thanks, Cindi
Sue Farrell
62. Suekey12
I love the cover and I'm anxious to read the book.
63. Kenneth Konczsl
Sounds interesting
64. Librarian
sounds like great fun!
Bea C
66. BeaCharmed
I always enjoy hearing about how covers come about. I really like the movie "Some Like It Hot"; I wish the original cover could have been used but I do like this one too. I discovered this series via the library and enjoy it very much.
Diane herr
67. snobbydi
Love the birdy puns in all the titles. My husband is the birdwatcher and
the Punny guy, enjoys the titles too! Keep up the great work and titles!
70. Johanna
These books crack me up. I have them in my classroom library and the kids love them.
Mildred Mayo
72. Mildredmayo
Although you don't judge a book by it's cover many are sold by it. I like her choice.
Merle Carrus
73. merle
love her books and this cover is really cute!
Debbie Miller
75. mimimiller
Would love to add this author to my list of favorites....
I liked the additional info on the cover...little booklovers tidbits!
Marsha Kamish
77. mgkamish
I love humor with my murders. This one seems right up my alley!
Michelle Fidler
78. Micky
I've read quite a few of the Meg Langslow mysteries. They are funny and great cozies and I've known about them since there were only one or two in the series. The covers are great, too, with all the birds.
Janet Best
80. Bestjlb
Sounds like a great book! Looking forward to reading it!
Brenda Tucker
81. rango3
The hawk sounds very interesting - I can't wait to read it.
Joan Boose
82. joan.boose
Is anyone else having a hot flash looking at the cover?
Chuck Aeschbacher Jr
83. MarkBlemish
Sounds like a great book, love the artwork.
Darlene Slocum
85. darandsam
I've enjoyed reading all of Donna's books and that nutty family gives me many chuckles.
David Rotstein
86. DavidRotstein
Thank you all so much for all of this feedback and support. It's been so great to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions! Even though the nature of my work entails a great deal of collaboration, being so in-touch with the fans and the community is something new to me—and it's a delight. Thank you again. I look forward to hearing from all of you in the future.
Melissa Keith
87. melly801
Love the cover! Love the title! Very clever. I really enjoy Donna's books and after I read them I give them to my mom and sister. My mom's 80th birthday is coming up. I'd love to win a copy! Thanks!
88. 1bigthrillerfan2
Sounds like a awesome book....hope to win a paperback copy......
Susan Wilkinson
89. srw59
Always enjoy the mysteries, always interested to see how the cover is going to turn out. Really like the hawk's expression as well as the fan.
Mary L Allen
90. celtpriest
Now that I find myself on this coast, I have been re-reading and enjoying again your books. Can't wait for this one too!
Mary Allen
Judith Vassie
91. Judith
Donna Andrews books have become my best go to mysteries. I seem to relate to many of them. The time when the lawn tractor went out of control and over the clift had me laughting so hard, do to the fact the my little 12 year old niece drove her parents lawn tractor into their pond. My niece bailed off the tractor before it hit the water. But the tractor kept moving all the way to the deepest part of the pond. My brother had to put on his scuba driving gear and attach a rope tow to his truck to pull it out.
The whole time this was happening my niece's 85 year old Aunt was watching. She said it was hard not to say anything. So you can see why these books relate to my life.
Eileen O'Keefe
93. scoob
I love the face on the hawk; a little befuddled (just like Meg at times). Seeing the other potential covers was fun.
Laura McLendon
94. LMcLendon
Not familiar with this author or this series, looking forward to the chance of introduction via winning here!!
teresa sopher
95. tas58
love this cover.....but really liked the purple hat
Michelle St. James
96. michstjame
I'm a big fan of Ms. Andrews' books and the first time I read one, it really was because the cover caught my eye. They are so vivid and fun--just like the stories themselves!

My favorite version of the cover was the one with the claws dug in--too funny.
Beth Talmage
97. wordygirl
I haven't read any books by Ms. Andrews yet, but I'd like to. Thanks for the chance to win one.
Victoria Muncy
98. hollywentlightly
The cover alone would entice me to read this book. That plus needing a good chuckle is all the encouragement I need.
Deb Carroll
99. gracioushoneybee
I love this series and can't wait for this one! I love the cover and the title!
Emily Ginder
101. emilyginder
I love Donna Andrews series! I was originally enticed to read this series by laughing at the title of her books. This time is no exception. Can't wait to read the new book.
Enjoyed reading about the evolution of the cover.
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