Aug 5 2011 8:45am

Dame Agatha was a surfing Wahini!

Agatha Christie and her longboard/ Museum of British Surfing, SWNS.comCatch the picture with her longboard and dimpled knees!  According to the Guardian:

At a time when many of her contemporaries were chugging cocktails in Blighty, Agatha Christie was paddling out from beaches in Cape Town and Honolulu to earn her surfing stripes.

Research by Pete Robinson, founder of the Devon-based Museum of British Surfing, suggests Christie and her first husband, Archie, may been among the first Britons to learn how to surf standing up.

Who knew Marple’s creatrix got stoked pulling a wicked tube on Dawn Patrol and getting barreled?  Sweet!

hat tip: nomadpanda

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Megan Frampton
Seriously, this is the most awesome photo ever. I can't believe Dame Agatha hung 10, and not in a choking someone to death with a rope way!
Clare 2e
3. clare2e
She wasn't just adventurous on the page, and she looks adorable in her swim cap and costume!
Deborah Lacy
4. DeborahLacy
That swim costume looks like it would drag anyone wearing it straight to the bottom once it got wet! I'm glad those went out of fashion.
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