May 11 2011 12:00pm

Wild West Wednesday: Ralph Compton’s The Goodnight Trail New Excerpt

Ralph Compton’s The Goodnight TrailListen to an excerpt from The Goodnight Trail by Ralph Compton.

The only rich Texans had left after the Civil War were five million maverick longhorns and the brains, brawn, and boldness to drive them north to where the money. . .

Former Texas Rangers Benton McCaleb, Will Elliot, and Brazos Gifford ride with Charles Goodnight as he rounds up thousands of ornery, unbranded cattle for the long drive to Colorado. From the Trinity River brakes to Denver, they’ll battle endless miles of flooded rivers, parched desert, and whiskey-crazed Comanches. And come face-to-face with Judge Roy Bean and legendary gunslingers like Clay Allison. For McCaleb and his hard-riding crew, the drive is a fierce struggle against the perils of an untamed land. A fight to the finish where the brave reach glory—or die hard.

Copyright © 2011 by Ralph Compton

Ralph Compton stood six-foot-eight without his boots. He worked as a musician, a radio announcer, a songwriter, and a newspaper columnist. His first novel, The Goodnight Trail, was a finalist for the Western Writers of America Medicine Pipe Bearer Award for best debut novel. He was also the author of the Sundown Rider series and the Border Empire series.

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1. ScottDParker
As an avid, passionate audiobook fan, this is a great addition to CE. And, that it's a western, just gravy atop the chicken fried steak.
2. Ron Scheer
Good to hear a western read by someone with a western voice. Thanks.
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