Blitz Trailer: Jason Statham Does Ken Bruen

Blitz starring Jason StathamHere’s the trailer for Blitz, a movie which will come straight to video in the U.S.—though it has already screened in the UK and Turkey— based upon the Ken Bruen novel of the same name.  Jason Statham, who must currently be the busiest man in the movies, stars as Bruen series cop Tom Brant and co-stars with actor Paddy Considine.  Aidan Gillen, most recently of Game of Thrones, is the titular cop-killing bad guy.  Does this adaptation find a place in your queue?




  1. Megan Frampton

    Hell, yes, it’s on my queue! Ken Bruen, Jason Statham, Aidan Gillen? Wow. Still waiting on the film version of Bruen’s London Boulevard, too. And will eventually hunt down his Jack Taylor series, with GoT’s Iain Glen as my favorite Irish noir ex-garda.

  2. Terrie Farley Moran

    This is from Bruen’s London books and I prefer the Galway books, BUT, oh yes, I want to see this movie.

  3. rich10e

    Ive read them all taylor and brant and London Blvd. Watching Blitz NOW!! The Brant books flow nice and quick; the taylor books are at a slower pace. Looking forward to HEADSTONE!!

    In the books Brant is a better dresser!!

  4. Laura K. Curtis

    Watched this one last night…really excellent. Extremely violent and full of Bruen’s sick humor.

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