Black Humor: Rottin’ Times for Snowmen

Jo Nesbo hasn’t cornered the market on scary snow.
Times are rotten for snowmen, and not just because it’s summer!  It seems that cocaine, now commonly cut with a veterinary de-worming drug, has the effect of inhibiting surface skin’s blood supply, mimicing the dramatic effects of flesh-eating bacteria.

ABCNews reports:

“Eighty-two percent of seized cocaine contains levamisole, according to an April 2011 report by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. Why dealers would stretch their stash with levamisole instead of the more traditional fillers, like baking soda, is unclear, although studies in rats suggest the drug acts on the same brain receptors as cocaine. So it might be added to enhance or extend the cocaine’s euphoric effects on the cheap.

Despite the widespread contamination, not all of the country’s cocaine users experience the flesh-rotting reaction. ”

Well, that’s a comfort, what with the holiday weekend coming up.


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    Oh for the 80s when all you had to worry about was laxatives in your cocaine! *snicker*

  2. Terrie Farley Moran

    Drugs are unhealthy and so are the additives–no surprise there!

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