Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Marvel as Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks with Marvel to play Doctor Strange in a film to be directed by Scott Derrickson.

Strange has been teased in two previous Marvel films Thor and Captain America: Winter's Soldier. Although no date has been announced for Doctor Strange, Marvel is eyeing a 2016 premiere.

Stephen Vincent Strange was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963 as a neurosurgeon turned Sorcerer Supreme who must save Earth from terrifying and mystical threats.

While Cumberbatch will debut Strange in a film all about the doctor, the plan will be to intergrate him into the Avengers, giving the inevitable Avengers 3 an even more star-studded cast.

But don't worry, fellow Sherlock fans. The reason Cumberbatch hasn't officially signed the contract yet is because he's working out contingencies that would allow him time to continue filming his BBC series. Whew!

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