Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing: First Trailer for The Imitation Game

No, this is not a still for BBC's Sherlock. This is an image from the upcoming Oscar's hopeful The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, and Charles Dance.

Set during WWII, Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing, the man famously known for breaking the enigma code and allowing the Allied Forces to thwart Germany. Knightley plays fell0w code-breaker and possible love interest Joan Clarke. And Charles Dance, fresh off his remarkable run as Game of Throne's Tywin Lannister plays Commander Denniston, an apparent antagonist with no patience for the slow art of codebreaking.

The Imitation Game will hit theaters November 21, 2014, right in time for Oscar season. Could this be the next The King's Speech, or will it go the way of J. Edgar?


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    I had my doubts about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Sherlock, but got over it. He seems a hard working, talented actor. So, I’m glad to hear that Cumberbatch is in a promising new movie.

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