Bender for President!

Bender Bending Rodriquez
Kiss my shiny metal election!
A drinking, thieving, cigar-smoking robot for president of the school board? Well, perhaps next year. This year, the insertion of the name of Bender (the robot from the animated series Futurama) was just evidence that online voting systems are not quite ready for prime time.

Before using the new online voting program for a real race, the DC election board posed a world-wide challenge to anyone who thought they could crack the system. A team of computer experts from the University of Michigan quickly pried the digital gates wide open and began to snoop around. … In addition to scavenging the authentication data for every registered DC voter on a simple PDF file (the most worrisome of all the discoveries), the team was also able to erase the data on every single legitimate vote and replace it with fictional characters. Bender, an alcoholic robot from the TV series Futurama, was subsequently named head of the DC school board.

Given some of the politicians we have these days, would that really be so bad?

Hat tip: Yahoo News


  1. Laura K. Curtis

    Not everyone knows this, but Bender’s full name is Bender Bending Rodriguez. I wonder whether that’s how his name showed up on the election.


    Compared to Biden even Rodriguez would make a good job :))

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    Personally, I also find that Rodriguez has done his job very well

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  5. trap the cat

    Quick to process and works great for a secret santa who asked for prints of marvel and futurama (I’m your niche market).

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