Benched: Mucinex Suppresses the Death Penalty

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Pills/ Photo by D.Sharon Pruitt
Don’t Cry Over Spilled Pills/ Image by D.Sharon Pruitt
“I took some pills and, um, the pills made me go mad, and, um, I murdered my roommate…,” the caller said. “The dextromethorphan makes me feel a little weird. I took too many.”

In Catawba County, North Carolina, a judge just ruled that a teen accused in a grisly hatchet slaying won't face the death penalty. His savior? No, not over-the-counter advice from the now-disbarred F. Lee Bailey, but the hallucinogenic and potentially psychotic-making effects of cough suppressant. If you're currently in the marketing department for Mucinex DM, are you ransacking your desk drawers for your own bottle of executive's little helper, or brashly conceiving the most daring viral marketing campaign ever?

This week's innovation in pharmaceutical justice brought to you via fark and the Charlotte Observer.


  1. Naomi Johnson

    I took the recommended dosage of Mucinex DM one time only, for a nasty cold. I was wired for 36 hours. Never again.

  2. Clare 2e

    Wow- I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen. Must not have been taking the right stuff!

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