Begged to be Banned? Dick Tracy’s “Steve the Tramp” Action Figure

Do you remember this toy? Its life was short-lived, but provocative!
Do you remember this toy? Its life was short-lived, but provocative!
Ever have those moments when you’re reflecting on your youth and you wonder “What the heck was I watching/doing/playing with? And how did I not notice how bad it was!” Well, the creators of the “Steve the Tramp” action figure probably had a similar smacking-their-forehead moment when they realized the political incorrectness of their toy. Made in conjunction with the 1990 release of Dick Tracy, starring Warren Beatty, Steve the Tramp was probably meant as a harmless marketing technique. Well, the marketing department  changed its perspective after complaints the figure was insensitive toward the homeless.

The packaging states:

“ignorant bum….you’ll smell him before you see him” and it mentions that he was “stinking up the city sewers.”

Did you get a chance to buy “Steve the Tramp” before it left stores? Funny how the products that get yanked before many hit the stores end up more valuable as collectibles? Is that what the complainers intended?


Hat Tip: Banned Toy Museum


  1. Colt

    Yes Me, Steve the Tramp, and the rest of the Dick Tracy action figures go way back. Except for The Blank..

  2. Tom

    I bought some as soon as I heard it was going to be removed . Wonder what they are worth?

  3. Diane M Himes

    I have the action figure still in package, any one knows how much it’s worth?

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