BBC’s Sherlock: Season 2 is on like Donkey Kong!

Finally, season 2 is game on, or afoot, as the case may be.  Starting May 6th, 2012, BBC’s Sherlock will air its next three-episode season in the U.S. as part of Masterpiece Mystery. (Smart buy, PBS.)

Now we’ve got the date, how does it work for you?  Granted, on this continent, some of us may yet be recovering from Cinco de Mayo drink specials—thank goodness the 6th is also Nurses’ Day.  The only other conflict is with National Crepe Suzette Day, and I’m willing to downscale my crepe-y party, or, better yet, convert it to Suzette with Sherlock. Mark this one in ink!

Update: Now you check out an early review of the first episode, A Scandal in Belgravia!

Showrunner Steven Moffat posted this online from MIPCOM at Cannes (where European TV gets screened and sold) as The Boys of Baker Street.  In the background you’ll notice they’re plus guns and girl.
The Boys of Baker Street: Posted online by showrunner Steven Moffat from MIPCOM at Cannes, where European TV gets screened and sold.

Image via and hat tip to: Chevronone.


  1. Deborah Lacy

    But I am a little disappointed that we will only get three more episodes. I wanted more…

  2. Megan Frampton

    With Game of Thrones in April, and this in May, it’s going to be a fabulous Spring. Yay!

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