Bad Penmanship Almost Foils Robbery

This week's tale might be further evidence that penmanship is a dying art these days thanks to computers and smartphones. Let me explain:

According to KRON, a man's sloppy handwriting almost put the kibosh on the robbery he was attempting to pull off. Apparently, the man walked into a Family Dollar store and slid a note demanding money to one of the employees behind the register. However, the employee could not read what the note said, so he handed it back and asked the guy to read it to him. How embarrassing!

The robber, of course, could read his own scribblings aloud without any problems, and the clerk quickly complied by emptying out the cash register and handing over a pack of smokes.

The man then skedaddled and got away scot-free. That is, until local police released a photo from the store's surveillance camera of the suspect. It did not take long for police to get some leads that led to his capture.

I will admit, my penmanship is pretty horrible too. How is yours?

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