Bad Guy Training Headquarters

Ever watched an action movie and seen thirty bad guys facing off against the hero? Magically, the hero doesn’t get a scratch on him—even though the trained assassins are aiming their automatics at him and there are, you know, thirty of them to our one hero. At worst, our hero gets a slug in the shoulder, but hey, he can survive that!

In the back of your mind, don’t you always wonder: “what idiot school did these bad guys go to?” or “evil ninja cult? I could kill this guy way better . . .”

Well, wonder no more. We’ve found the Bad Guy Training Headquarters—it’s like the CIA’s “The Farm,” but for bad guys.

After looking at this cartoon, so much has been explained! It’s not that every assassin, thug, hired muscle, and all around bad guy is a bad shot, it’s that they are the best shots ever—it takes skill to shoot around a body, especially when that body is a moving target.

We give you props, Bad Guy Training Headquarters.


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  1. Albert Tucher

    Now it becomes clear! I’d also like to see how they learn to surround the hero and obediently attack him one at a time.

    • Lewis Puller


  2. Clare 2e

    HA- I’ve wonderred that, too! Must be post-grad stuff.

  3. Oyarbide

    Haha. And don’t forget the hero, (who is a reporter or a lawyer in the better of cases and never used a gun), shoot the thirty guys down.

    • Lewis Puller

      Script can make anyone gold medal shot, e.g. John Wayne

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