Artistic Last Suppers: Photographer Creates Death Row Dinners

final meal of Ricky Ray Rector by artist Henry Hargreaves/  Caters News Service
Final Meal of Ricky Ray Rector by Henry Hargreaves/ Caters News Service
Thanks to Ty Treadwell’s posts, this is not our first trip to the prison mess hall. However, this is the first time we’ve heard of Death Row inmates’ last meals being used at the subjects of art.  According to the Daily Mail, photographer Henry Hargreaves has painstakingly recreated the last suppers of several executed criminals, down to the cutlery and table coverings, in order to replicate what they would have looked down upon at the moments of their final meals.

Artist Henry, from Brooklyn, New York, said: “When you read about the death row inmates, they were just names and statistics.

”But once I found out about what they ate as their last meal, they began to come to life.

“I could see a little corner of their personality.”

In the meal pictured above, the inmate left his pecan pie dessert “for later.” There are many more to look at and read about at the link.  Then tell us what corner of personality you perceive from a meal of mint ice cream or a single olive, or the request to spend the last days watching a DVD of Lord of the Rings?

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