Artist’s Watch Design Pronounced Bomb By Fashion Police

Image via Alameda Sheriff’s Department
Image via Alameda Sheriff’s Department
Artist and creative director Geoffrey McGann dressed to please himself as he recently headed off to the airport. However, because his self-designed watch—which is pretty rad-looking, you must admit—had a circuit board and timing device and resembled an incendiary device (a lot), TSA gave his work the thumbs-down. From The Willits News:

They are colorful, built with wires and fuses and switches that can be found at The Home Depot. McGann adorns them with other items like Hot Wheels cars, flowers, insects or compasses—whatever suits the person who will receive it. He stores them in a large box at home thats decorated with similar fuses and wires and labeled “Makes stuff bloom.”

He’d successfully worn his creation through an airport in the past after openly declaring it and having it inspected. This time, deputies determined he wasn’t carrying explosives, but were concerned that he might be carrying components for later assembly. According to them:

…McGann did not check any bags, had the watch covered up in a jacket as it went through the X-ray scanner, wore shoes two sizes too big with homemade inserts and wore a shirt with a tourniquet built into it that a soldier might wear to save his own life on the battlefield.

“Taken individually you could say, ‘All right, it’s a plausible excuse,’” [Sgt. J.D.] Nelson said. “Put them all together and you get arrested.”

While he was released and charges were dropped, McGann spent three days behind bars and has some lingering legal hassles because of the initial arrest. Though he says previous models were primarily given as gifts to friends, perhaps the price he’s going to get from collectors for future works will help recoup some of that pain.

What do you think of the watch? Is it a find or a faux pas?

Additional image via Palos Verdes Patch.


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