Armed Robber Leaves Heist in Tears

A gunman who held up a Days Inn in Georgia ended up leaving the crime in tears, despite walking away with huge stacks of cash, police say.

In a surveillance video released by DeKalb County police department shows the armed robber walking into the hotel brandishing a handgun with an extended clip and went directly behind the counter and ordered the clerk, who was alone, to get the loot.

“(He) went into the office, grabbed her gun drawn and took her straight over to the cash drawer,” Detective P.A. Wright told WSB-TV.

The man was visually concerned about the video camera, pausing for a moment to look up directly into it, before redirecting his focus back to the woman and the register.

After he wiped out the cash drawer, the gunman became very agitated because the clerk did not know how to access the safe so that she could shut down the video camera.

“He threatened her and said, ‘Hey, if you don’t I’ll shoot you,’” Wright said. “But she was like, ‘I still don’t know how to work it.’ At that point he was so frustrated, he left crying.”

The clerk told the police on the scene that the man began to cry before leaving the hotel, probably figuring that he is surely going to be arrested in the near future. Boo-hoo…

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