And the Award for Deadliest Movie of All-Time Goes To…

Wait, this movie isn’t one big battle?
In case you missed it, last week Criminal Element took a look at this year’s Academy Awards nominees and ranked them based solely on three categories: murder, mystery, and mayhem. In researching these films, CrimeHQ found a list detailing the 25 deadliest films based on total body count.

The list mixes critically acclaimed films pretty evenly with less distinguished ones, including three Best Picture winners: Braveheart, with 184 bodies, Titanic with 307 bodies, and the winner, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, with 836 bodies!

And in case you were wondering about movies where planets, planes, or cities explode, the count is just reflective of on-screen body counts.

HT: Thanks to Movie Bodie Counts for tallying the totals and to Randal Olson for creating the chart.

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