Agony of Defeat: The Final Day of Sports Week

Momo Pepe, legendary right fielder for the Gray SoxIt’s been a fun run with Sports Week here at Criminal Element. But like so many playoff hopes, this too must end in tears.

In fact, Momo Pepe, legendary right fielder for the Gray Sox, beat the photographer silly after this portrait.  His agent claims he was simply overtired from being up past his bedtime watching MLB wild card games, and disavows any knowledge of the mass screen-smashing at a nearby electronics store.

Anyway, we’ve got a buzzer-beater or two in store, but after today, you’ll have to use the tag to see all our Sporting Life posts.

We and Momo Pepe (who’s feeling much better after a nap),  just wanted to leave you with an old-school vibe from the Wide World of Sports, so we can all groove to the intensity of competition and the agony of defeat.*

*Parts of the preceding clip are dedicated to those poor souls who faced “elimination” in the globe-spanning human drama of Death Brackets.

Image courtesy of Fleshy Men in Polyester.

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