AFI’s Criminally Good Taste in TV

At least we’re good at something, right Mr. White?
At least we’re good at something, right Mr. White?
We here at Crime HQ know that good TV isn’t just singing teenagers and sword-wielding knights, and it looks like the American Film Institute knows that too. The AFI recently released it’s top 10 TV Shows of the year and three of the ten are some of our favorites.

Included in the list is the incomparable Breaking Bad, that wonderfully dark story about Walt the High School Chemist turned noir anti-hero that can’t end any way but badly.  Also on the list is newcomer Homeland with all of its unreliable narrator goodness. And rounding out our particular favorites is Justified  which includes a legendary bromance in the making between Raylan and Boyd.

Nor are we alone in our appreciation: Breaking Bad has been nominated for numerous awards from the Writer’s Guild of America, as has Homeland. So if you get the chance, check out one or all of these shows.

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