A Terrorist, A Sword, and an Ex-Con

Back before the SEALS made Osama an ex-terrorist there was a man on a mission. That mission was to kill Osama bin Laden with either his pistol or his Samurai sword, whichever was most handy at the time. And now that intrepid go-getter is in jail.

The man is Gary Faulkner and about being in Pakistan without knowing the language, he said “all you have to do is act like some bad-ass Taliban and they leave you alone”. He was arrested for brandishing and discharging a weapon in his apartment here in the states while trying to scare off a group of would-be home invaders. Where the law takes issue is that Gary is an ex-con and therefore cannot own a weapon, even if it was used to scare off a batch of ne’er do-wells.

I feel for this guy I really do, he doesn’t seem all that crazy or detached from society, maybe a bit adventurous but not that bad at all. The above video is from a documentary made about his journey to Pakistan so you can be the judge as to whether or not the guy is criminal.

Hat tip Wired

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