A Smurf Walks Into a Convenience Store…

Hard on the heels of the Oompa Loompa crime spree we reported about recently comes news of four “Smurfs” in Melbourne, Australia, who assaulted a man in a convenience store. According to The Age, the 37-year-old victim told police:

…a man dressed as Papa Smurf approached him and asked for a cigarette. The man offered him a smoke but the Smurf insisted it be lit before he handed it over.

Police said the man refused and noticed the man dressed as a Smurf was with three other men, who were also dressed as Smurfs.

And that’s when they smurfed him.

A follow-up to the original story (which included the CCTV footage above) indicates that the four “Smurfs,” aged 18 and 19, have turned themselves in and will be charged with “assault-related offenses.”

Of course their ages should have been an immediate clue to their lack of Smurf bona fides—the real Papa Smurf is 542 years old, and if he’s ever bummed a cig no one in Smurf village is saying.

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