A Sherlock for CBS? The New Newest Update on Holmes

When it comes to Holmes, we might need tags for New, Newer, and Newest.
Via Deadline, we learn that CBS has bought a project from the developers of a crime series that offers a “modern take” on Sherlock Holmes.  Really, um, that’s an idea that’s being done very well by someone else interesting.  We’re not saying it might not be great. In fact, we hope it will be. However, it seems in the contemporary Sherlock category, they might have some stiff competition. *points subtly across the pond*  If it’s not a smash hit, we’d still be consoled if the impending competition caused Moffat & Gatiss (currently Ltd.). to increase their episodic output. 

Not likely?  Well, we’re at least delighted for the excuse to post this trailer from the upcoming first episode of BBC Sherlock’s second season, “A Scandal in Belgravia.”  (The she you’ll see is Irene, played by Lara Pulver.)

Here’s the bar, CBS.  Please feel warmly invited to top it—or to juxtapose your contemporary interpretation of equal altitude.


  1. Cindy Kerschner

    I LOVE the new BBC version of Holmes and Watson. I think there are enough other characters for CBS to play with updating. Leave Sherlock to the Brits!

  2. Jackie

    Ditto! I think the BBC production has taken the cake for updating/reinventing Sherlock while maintaining the original quirks. That’s where my loyalties will lie anyway…

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