A Pulp Writer Retires: Adios, Captain Corrales!

Captain Greg Corrales
Courtesty photo via the SF Examiner
One of our alert bloggers notified us of this excellent story. For two years, Police Captain Greg Corrales wrote a community newsletter out of the Mission Police Station that sounded much like a 1940’s pulp novel. Not such a surprise, considering Corrales’ favorite authors include include Cornell Woolrich, David Goodis and Dashiell Hammett.

A few examples of Corrales’ work from the article in The San Francisco Examiner:

In reporting about a prostitution bust at 20th and Valencia streets, Corrales wrote that three cops “arrested a soiled dove for loitering for the purpose of tawdry faux amour.”

To describe a marijuana bust at County Jail, he wrote, “Officer Sands thwarted a sullen smuggler’s attempts to sneak a quantity of The Weed with Roots in Hell into the jail.”

He also penned a report about “a miscreant urinating on America.”

Unfortunately, Captain Corrales is turning in his pen as the workload has become too much for him. Still, we tip our hats to him and wish him well. May pulp live on forever!