A Night on the Town: Book Clubbing

Some people like going clubbing, and some people like book clubbing, but until now, these two scenes have never really crossed paths. Thanks to Eslite, a revolutionary book store located in Taipei, Taiwan, night-owls are ingesting literature into their nights out.

The five-story store first opened in 1989. Since then, 42 stores have opened in Taiwan, with one more opening recently in Hong Kong. Eslite has it's sights set on China next. This must sound absurd to booksellers of the Western world, considering over one-third of all independentU.K. book stores have shut down. Eslite has avoided this trend by making its store much more than just shopping; it's an experience. With its cafes, restaurants, soothing music and modern design, Eslite is a hip destination for a night out.

Here's to hoping Eslite, or at least something similar, finds its way west. 


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