A Good Day to Die Hard

Some franchises just don’t know when to die. Or, I guess I should say more accurately that they don’t die easily. Yes, there will be another Die Hard movie, slated for release just about a year from today (February 14, 2013). This one is called A Good Day to Die Hard and the casting for the second lead (yes, the first lead will once again be Bruce Willis, who’s now been playing John McClane since 1988) has just been announced. Spartacus fans take note: Jai Courtney (who played Varro) has been cast as Jack McClane, John’s estranged son.

The action this time goes international, as John and Jack team up in Moscow, of all places. Sounds deliciously seedy, doesn’t it? Russian mobsters are all the rage nowadays, after all.

I admit to having a soft spot for the Die Hard franchise. I still believe the original is one of the best Christmas movies ever (in a close race with Miracle on 34th Street), and I’ll watch it any time it’s on TV. I sure hope they go back to the R rating for this one, though, because I missed the Yippee-Ki-Yay in the last one.

Hat tip: Deadline.com


  1. Carmen Pinzon

    I kind’a liked the last one and the geek sidekick. Where did they get a son from?!

  2. Laura K. Curtis

    The son’s always been there. He was a little kid in the very first movie, same as the daughter who was in the last one. If you cast your mind back, the nasty TV reporter went to try and interview the kids at their house during the hostage standoff and then when it was over, McClane’s wife punched him in the face for interfering with her kids. We just don’t hear about them for the next few movies!

  3. Carmen Pinzon

    Instead of a re-read, I feel a re-watch coming on.

  4. Laura K. Curtis


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