A Dangerous Cup of Morning Coffee

But probably not, right?
But probably not, right?
Do you have that friend or family member in your life that you feel should really have a royal taster like they had back in the day? You know, testing all their food and drink to make sure it wasn’t poisoned? This glass might be a good gift for the person in your life who is a little paranoid about their food being tampered with. And when we say good, it will be good for a laugh for you and not so good for the mental health of the person you give this cheeky mug.

[Extra points the the first person who…er…spies what TV show this mug is from!]


  1. Dorothy Hayes

    Great idea! I’ll drink from the cup and believe the message and start a mystery about, “Who Poisoned Me?”
    I think I need more sleep.

  2. dlhartzog

    The Avengers

  3. Laura K. Curtis

    Good try, DL, but nope! Right era, though!

  4. MWExphilly

    The font tells me that it’s from The Prisoner. I thought The Avengers first, too, but then I remembered that was You Have Just Been Murdered.

  5. Mark Spanion

    Great Idea !

  6. Pat Murphy

    I agree– The Prisoner has it.

  7. Bob Alexander

    I love this! The Prisoner? Daggummit! I was hoping it was The View!

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