A Bandage for Every Occasion?

How about zombie attack?

Did you encounter a ninja and live to tell about it? Do you want to brag about it to your friends but don’t quite know how? Well, we’ve got the product for you! Recently making the rounds on social media, these “What Happened?” bandages explain it all. Guess we know how we’ll be stocking the medicine cabinet from now on!


  1. Diana Portwood

    I want ’em! How do I get ’em?! I so hope these are real.

  2. Melissa Keith

    These are so fun! I live in Austin. I’ll bet Book People has them. I will definitely buy them. Thanks!!

  3. Jennifer Proffitt

    Apparently you can get them at [url=http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=22214118c]Urban Outfitters[/url].

  4. E Flores

    WoW!! deff a must-have. plz… do tell, where can i find these?

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