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Nov 16 2017 3:00pm

Writing the Private Detective vs. the Police Detective

Writing a private detective series as opposed to a detective in the police force is always thrilling because it gives me the freedom to explore unique cases. My protagonist doesn’t have any of the headaches of working within a bureaucracy. She doesn’t have to answer to a supervisor. She makes her own rules. She’s in control. And it’s always interesting because every case is different. My PI can make a living working strictly on background checks, or she can work murders, kidnappings, and missing-person cases. There are no limits, especially in the life of a fictional PI.

To succeed in any career, it takes some degree of desire, professionalism, dedication, and motivation. I make sure my protagonist has a healthy dose of all of these characteristics and more. Although Jessie Cole in Her Last Day (the first book in my newest PI series) didn’t grow up with an obsession for all things Sherlock Holmes, and she never watched Magnum PI, life circumstances drew her to become a private eye.

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