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Oct 5 2017 1:00pm

5 Tough Guys & Gals to Love

Read Steph Broadribb's exclusive guest blog about her favorite action heroes and follow the link at the bottom to claim several free stories from internationally bestselling authors!

I’ve always loved Westerns. You know, the lone cowboy rides into town, sorts out the bad guys, and moves on. I guess that’s partly what inspired my short story: “Burning Dust.” That and switching the lone cowboy to a lone cowgirl and having her drive into town on the tail of a man who has wronged her—her mind set on revenge.

There are a lot of similarities in the modern-day action thriller to the traditional Western: the kickass hero arrives in town (either by chance or intention) and rights the wrongs they find before setting off into the sunset. I’m a huge action thriller fan, and here are my top five action heroes:

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