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Jul 24 2012 10:30am

Sanctus: First in Series Excerpt

Simon Toyne

Sanctus by Simon ToyneSanctus, a conspiracy thriller  featuring an ancient order of monks and a secret they are willing to kill to protect, is the first book in the Ruin trilogy by Simon Toyne.

A man climbs to the summit of the oldest inhabited place on earth, a mountain called the Citadel, a Vatican-like state that towers above the city of Ruin in Turkey. But this is no ordinary ascent. It is a symbolic act—and one that is witnessed by the world.

Few understand its consequence. But for Kathryn Mann, it’s evidence that a revolution is coming. For the Sancti, the secretive monks who live inside the Citadel, it could mean the end of everything they have built. They will stop at nothing to keep what is theirs—even kill if they have to. For reporter Liv Adamsen, it spurs the memory of the brother she lost, setting her on a journey across the world and into the heart of her own identity.

There, she will make a discovery so shocking it will change everything...

Chapter 1

A flash of light filled his skull as it struck the rock floor.

Then darkness.

He was dimly aware of the heavy oak door banging shut behind him and a thick batten sliding through iron hasps.

For a while he lay where he’d been thrown, listening to the pounding of his pulse and the mournful wind close by.

[Read the full excerpt of Sanctus by Simon Toyne . . .]

Jul 18 2012 10:30am

The Dark Side—And Why We Love It

This is Stan as Captain Evil (having just slain the fair Roxy)Recently my son Stan (6) discovered something it took me until I was an adult to figure out. He’d been playing a lot of Lego Batman on his Nintendo DS—I know I’m a model parent—and I noticed he was no longer playing as Batman or Robin; instead he was switching between the Riddler, the Penguin, and the Joker. When I asked why, his eyes never left the screen. “Bad guys are cool,” he said.

And he’s right—bad guys are cool. It’s the good guys, the ones we’re supposed to be rooting for, that are often a bit dull. So what does this tell us about ourselves? Well I think it tells us everything.

To go a bit cosmic for a moment—and, stay with me on this—we are all made of the same material as everything else. The atomic building blocks that make up our atoms are the same ones that burn at the heart of stars and collect in huge particle clouds at the edge of the expanding universe. Because we are made of the same stuff, the same universal powers and influences affect us in the same way as everything else. And the universe is ever expanding, flying apart at increasing speed, fueled by dark matter we don’t understand—tearing itself to pieces. We know this to be true because of the theoretical brilliance of Einstein and Hawking and from deep space measurements of the red shift in distant light taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.